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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Amazing but nothing tops her using acquiescent in It’s A Wrap. Thesaurus Queen.
  2. Speaking of exes. #mess.

  3. Mariah dated Eddie from That's So Raven?
  4. I had never heard of the word nonchalant before listening to Breakdown. I thought she was saying 'not Charlotte' initially. I was 13 at the time.
  5. The way he keeps repeating himself just makes him look desperate.
  6. #justiceforglitter
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  7. I always thought that line in Thank God I've Found You was "I've finally found a man that's true", you learn something new everyday!
  8. Am I detecting a slight Tommy shade?
  9. I love her for using that photo for tindr lol.
  10. Anyone have any idea why Right To Dream isn't on Spotify? I am in love with it... Or is it hidden away somewhere and I'm being foolish?
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  11. Was it ever released digitally? There were a bunch of promo singles but certainly in the UK I've never seen it available on iTunes or any other digital platform.
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  12. LP


    I'd also like Angels Cry with Neyo made available too.
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  13. It always baffled me that the Ne-Yo version has an #81 peak in the UK when I remember looking for it in the release week and not being able to find it anywhere. How did it manage an #81 peak with no physical or digital singles available?

    I'm inclined to think it was just the solo version that sold enough to chart and the Official Charts Company mistakenly credited Ne-Yo.
  14. I love that song! I really wish it was on spotify. Or any of the streaming sites!
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  15. It says 17th of April, so it must have had an old-style release with a few months of pre-order?
  16. Rumours Mariah will headline Brighton pride!! Eek!
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  17. I just saw! I really hope she is!
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  18. I swear I saw „rumoured for Brighton pride” in around 7 threads now.

    We need the truth.
  19. It never got released, though. I'm sure the duet version has never been available in the UK.
  20. I feel really sure it was though? I've just searched and the Up Out My Face remix single is no longer on iTunes, but I'm pretty sure I bought that? Is it possible it was added late and then disappeared years later?

    Maybe I'm having a false memory.
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