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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I have access to the OCC's database and you're right, all the sales are credited to Mariah ft. Ne-Yo and zero are credited to Mariah solo, so it's an error. The Mariah and Ne-Yo version says it's had:

    757,711 audio streams
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  2. Thought so! Thank you for checking.
    Mariah, just release the damn thing.
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  3. French lambs in the audience, I’m very proud to announce the book I wrote on Mariah (the universe; the voice; the lyrics; the musical idiosyncrasies) is being published later this month in France by Le Mot et le Reste.


    I named it after one famous operatic aria that seemed appropriate to my understanding of our diva. I hope I succeeded in conveying everything I thought was important about her artistry and that is still to this day so cruelly unrecognized, especially in France.

    If you can read French, be sure to pre-order it (Fnac, Amazon, Cultura, etc.) or to buy it once it’s out February 20th. I created an Instagram account to celebrate this special occasion, you can all join!
  4. Any sign when the Christmas singles will ship? Lolz.
  5. I think they’re coming in April.

    Still worth every penny.

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  6. Iconic.
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  7. Back in the Spring of 2019 a friend and I listened to Madonna's whole discography (I'm a fan, he was interested in learning more). He had such a great time doing it that in December he asked if we could do Mariah's discography. So we did! And today we wrapped up with Caution.

    I make sure to rope in "off-album" songs that are essential listening. So I included I'll Be There on Emotions, the #1s tracks on Butterfly, etc. And he also really likes to hear the story of the artist while we do this. So we listened to two albums a week and basically went through EVERYTHING. Her upbringing, Tommy, the difficulties with Sony in the late 90s, the Glitter stuff, Nick, #dembabies, that lady that worked for Mariah a few years ago, New Year's Eve, everything. We even listened to the Genius interview the other day so he could actually hear her talking about her work.

    He kept a list of the songs he really clicked with from each album. I'll share the list in a bit, but for now I'll say he wrote down more than half of what he heard. Emotions, Butterfly, and Daydream were his favorite albums. Glitter, E=MC2, and Rainbow were his least favorites.
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  8. Other acts’ labels in the US in the 90s:
    - sorry we can’t release singles or if we do we will make them hard to stock / find to boost album sales

    Mariahs label:
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  9. I really love her version of I Still Believe.
  10. Not this guy inventing skinny Mariah!

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  11. Screaming! That slo-mo.
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  12. Has anyone heard anything about Brighton pride??
  13. My boyfriend got it before Christmas and it’s gorgeous!
  14. She's been announced as the Saturday headliner! Excited!
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  15. Loving it! Booked hotel and tickets when I heard the rumours. Can’t wait!
  16. Booked it. Packed it. Fooked off

    I am so excited. Hopefully it’ll be a greatest hits type affair. The atmosphere at Kylie last year was incredible so this will be just beyond!
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  17. Great news. Anyone know when VIP tickets usually go on sale?
    I'm seeing that there was both a gold & platinum circle at either side of the stage catwalk last year?
  18. Tempted to learn French just so I can read this.

  19. Ooh I had no idea, wonder if you can upgrade an existing ticket?
  20. I think they go on sale around Easter, and if you bought a standard ticket you can get it refunded once you've purchased a VIP.
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