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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Mariah at Pride? A moment for sure.
  2. Just got tickets to go see The Butterfly Returns next weekend! Going to get my full lambily life and couldn't be more thrilled!
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  3. Hope you enjoy!
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  4. Thank you! Does anyone know how much VIP tickets were last year?
  5. Maybe one day it'll get translated! Do you know of any UK or US publishing houses that would be worthy?

  6. House of @Rhombus
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  7. Can we reasonably expect Brighton Pride to be part of a wider European summer tour? I was hoping for a new album this year but I suspect it'll be greatest hits shows and before we know it it's Christmas time again...
  8. I'm hoping for a show outside of pride. Not done brighton before so tempted .. is it likely to sell out soon? And is Mariah just on the Saturday night?

  9. I adore her so much.
  10. I really hope she sings 'All I Want For Christmas' in the height of Summer. It would be iconic.

    Urgh, I can't believe I'll finally hear 'Heartbreaker' - AKA the best song of all time - live.
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  11. Has anyone got their signed AIWFCIY single yet?
  12. I was kinda thinking the same and was wondering if I was biased because it's the first Mariah song I stanned in real time. The acapella moment at the end dahling.
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  13. Didn't it say the shipping date was like May or something absurd? I knew I was moving this month so I had to find a friend to send them to.
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  14. Looking amazing

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  15. Yeah, but it worked pretty well & it's a nice way to incorporate more songs.

    Emotions with the MTV Unplugged intro is a killer opener too.
    Wouldn't mind her using this for Brighton.
  16. Breakdown in the middle of a medley of bops is a scream.
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  17. Her doing I'm That Chick again?! I need to get to Vegas!
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