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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Roe really is about to be her spitting image
  2. That performance was stunning!
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  3. I'm giving a spin to Charmbracelet, today!
  4. I gave two to Caution yesterday and wow. If it wouldn't be for Honey it would be my record of the year. One of the best albums ever. Mariah the power.
  5. Confession: I love Caution but I've never listened to another Mariah album. Where do I start?
  6. Other than a Greatest Hits, the trilogy for me is ‘Daydream’/‘Butterfly’/
    ‘Emancipation of Mimi’.
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  7. aux


    I'd go into Butterfly, it was my first introduction into Mariah. Then I delved into the (stellar) debut, and went from there in chronological order.
  8. Going chronologically is always a good start because you can see how her artistry evolved.
  9. True, I went chronologically and it was a great journey from the very beginning.
  10. If you enjoy 90s (and really late 80s given those first few albums were right at the border of the decade) music, chronologically is a good bet like others suggested.

    If you don't have as much patience, Butterfly & Daydream are the fan favourites (and I'd second that The Emancipation of Mimi completes this trinity). The most similar sounding album to Caution would be Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse though, it's longer on the whole so has slightly more variation but it's the closest by far.
  11. My boyfriend did the albums from the start on the lead up to her birthday. So many great albums, including Glitter!
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  12. I love early 90s Mariah so much.
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  13. I'm totally in a Caution mode, today.
    I would so like her to keep releasing shorter records without waiting too much.

    3:33 of pure bliss.
    Ok, she didn't have a lot of money for the video, but the song is amazing !
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  14. This song nor indeed this video, will never lose it's touch.
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  15. Caution is still that album!

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  16. I'm so glad I got Caution on vinyl, that artwork is seriously up here with her all time best. It's an iconic modern day Mariah cover I personally think.
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  17. Could anyone help me to identify the font used here ? Thanx a lot !

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  18. Isn’t it a copperplate gothic font?
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  19. It’s Lagune Bold.

    If you’re looking for the similar looking fonts later in her career as well then that’s called friz Quadrata

    There’s a font pack of the fonts used through her career for singles and albums on deviant art. Just google it.
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