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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I bought the Emancipation CD on a trip to Canada with my dad in summer 2005. I can only suppose I bought it purely because the HMV in Montreal I spent hours browsing was full of promotional displays, as my awareness of Mariah at the time was foggy at best. I was aware of Heartbreaker, I Know What You Want and Through The Rain (!) which had been very popular on Italian radio/MTV, but everything from the 90s was completely unknown to me, or I knew some songs without consciously knowing it was her.

    I remember really loving Stay The Night and Mine Again on my first listen. Then the Circles/Your Girl/I Wish You Knew run blew my mind and on that last whistle of Fly Like A Bird I knew I was a Lamb for life.
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  2. Has anyone received their All I Want For Christmas signed cds yet?
  3. Emancipation is definitely her most important and consistently great album.

    Memoirs is my joint favourite though. I want to call it her best, but there are a couple of average tracks that pull it down a bit.
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  4. lol
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  5. Yes, I saw someone on Twitter post theirs yesterday actually
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  6. This is so lovely. God bless Mimi.

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  7. Had Emancipation on last night before I went to bed, candles lit and all...... god, what an album!
  8. Can we talk about the Grammy performance of Fly Like A Bird that basically put the entire industry on notice that she wasn’t going anywhere?.
  9. I’m having a glass of sparkling wine and listening to the album at this very moment, dahlings.
  10. Nope, may just ask for a refund because Coronavirus surely will mean she’s long forgotten about those?
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  11. I just received mine in the mail last week! It's a sealed CD with her autograph on an insert (just left loose inside the package, mess) to match the cover.
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  12. [​IMG]

    come show your love for "The Emancipation of Mimi" by joining in part two of Mariah's discography rate!​
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm like... 100% certain that O.O.C. was blocked on Spotify before (or maybe it was just a regional thing?), but I just went to listen to E=MC2 and it's not greyed out anymore!


    Even though I've been gone for a minute
    It's wrong I admit it
    Your love's so addictive that
    I get so O.O.C.
    Out of control baby
    Although we've both moved on to another
    Still long for each other
    It's wrong but eternally
    I get so O.O.C.
    And that's just the way it be

  14. Not me getting a shipment email today... The surprise of it all!
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  15. Assuming this is for the signed single? I still haven’t received anything.
  16. I got one too and I’m in the UK!
  17. At least we know they’re on the way hopefully I’ll get an email soon.
  18. Correct! It is shipping to my work in US but I'm leaving in two weeks. Hope it comes in time...
  19. That Billboard interview was a great read. It's always surprising by how much into her own music she is.

    Now is there any complete list with her unreleased/leaked/alternate version tracks?
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  20. Hope so! I just got my shipment email too - about time, I ordered the Christmas wine tumblers, too.
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