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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Legally streaming I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

  2. Glitter is a really great album. Just wanted to clear that up.
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  3. It does exist, they had to change it to the Cameo sample quite late. You can hear some of the original version in one of the early Glitter trailers:
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  4. The vocals on Lead the Way and Never Too Far are some of her best ever.
  5. They absolutely are. Two of her finest ballads ever too. Very much enjoyed streaming Glitter earlier.
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  6. Glitter is Mariah's finest party album, and let me tell you it's a bumping party.
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  7. Glitter is better than the albums directly before and after it.
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  8. Mariah does not make bad albums anyway.

    Facts are FACTS.
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  9. Every single song from Caution still slaps.
  10. 'Glitter' is still such an easy play. It made up for the underwhelming 'Rainbow' for me, and I am as scalped by the ending of 'Lead The Way' as I was on first listen almost 20 years ago. 'I Didn't Mean To Turn You On', 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life', 'Loverboy' and 'All My Life' were such fun songs are some of the commercial trend-chasing of the previous album ('X-Girlfriend'). It's a shame it pre-dated that 80s revival by a few years because Mariah did it with such sincerity and joy, somehow making it sound like an authentic artistic choice rather than a borrowed aesthetic.

  11. ... the Glitter soundtrack is really fantastic. She was done so wrong.
  12. Glitter is a career highlight for sure, but you cannot erase Butterfly, Daydream, or any other of her behemoth records like this.
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  13. I only said it’s better than Rainbow and Charmbracelet.
  14. Charmbracelet is probably my least played Mimi album, there's just nothing that stands out. It's so good to finally have her complete discography on streaming.
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  15. Billie Frank truly is a gay icon.
  16. I think I love Glitter more than ever. An album that should be played loud and proud.
  17. I know it's tired to harp on about Mariah's voice, but for me Glitter is the last album where Mariah's voice truly sounds like Mariah's voice. All the belting and high notes sound effortless. The whispery vocals are still measured just right. Whilst since then Mariah's voice has still sounded great, but way more laboured and 'thin' - don't know how else to describe it.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that Glitter is the last album where Mariah sounds like the Mariah I fell in love with.
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  18. Glitter is by far not her best album but it is a joy to listen to is. Easy, carefree with old and new Mariah present. Happy to finally have it on Spotify since I used my local data of it but that didn’t work with my Google thingy here. And my best friend and I do our own Mariah rate just having Glitter to do next which is a nice coincidence.

    Also got a Caution vinyl yesterday which is BRILLANT as an album although Her voice sounds a tad higher than on the CD. Anybody else had this?
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  19. Caution vinyl is 100% a work of art, audio and design too.

    It'd be cute if they could clear the Cameo sample for a 2020 Loverboy release?
  20. I find the song featuring Mystikal hilarious. That weird era when every rapper sounded like a crack addict.

    See also:

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