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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

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  2. It's curious to me that you think this cover would have drawn less ire? I'm sure the reception was very negative due to the shopping of her face (I remember Voldemort comments for sure). She's shopped to the high heavens in the ones they used, but it looks like more of a stylistic choice rather than a poor attempt to cover 'flaws'. It's that kind of over the top diva photoshopping that still somehow works (see: The Emancipation of Mimi). I'm of the mind that if people can't get past a cover touch-up they don't deserve to enjoy the music, but for arguments sake this was probably the best photo to appease those people.


    I for one adore the album title. It perfectly encapsulates her personality & the fact that the album almost plays like a greatest hits (but with all new songs) due to the revisiting of different sounds throughout her career (and the throwback sounds used elsewhere). If the girls can't see the album's excellence because of such a fabulous title... I pity them.

    I also kind of disagree that the deep cuts are where it's at! I mean they are, but the singles run wasn't bad by any means. I stan Thirsty to death but, being completely objective, I fail to see how #Beautiful isn't a career highlight (and GTFO-esque in that it was a completely new sound for an MC album lead). You're Mine was the only song that could've given the (incorrect) impression that Mariah had nothing new to offer.

    I know MIAMTEC discourse is tired as fuck but I just adore the album and could always go on and on about it ddddd.
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  3. What a moment

  4. That scene of her emerging from the sun roof of the limo would’ve been lowkey iconic, I really wish they had kept it in the other video as well.
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  5. Easily one of her best singles of the 21st century.
  6. No shade but this image always gave me Ripley in Alien: Resurrection (but make it glam).
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  7. Love it so much, but I always wish Wale would shut the fuck up so I can hear Mariah.
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  8. That cover is no bueno, Mariah would not approve. It's a good article though.
  9. It kinda looks like her head is photoshopped onto the back of her body rather than the front?
    The article is cool! Excited to see what comes this week!
  10. I managed to grab a Blu-ray copy of Glitter from Amazon for $10. Seems to be coming in and out of stock after being out of print and going for high amounts from people selling it. Someone had said maybe amazon found a old box full of them and honestly the way the shrink wrap is all crinkled it does make it look like that.
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  11. It’s a fine shot but the angle is very strange. Mariah is gorgeous in person. I got to meet her in 2018 when she wasn’t done up with all of that stage makeup, and she looks exactly as she does in photos like this:
  12. Why did they forget her neck
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  13. [​IMG]

    From the NY interview article.
  14. Has anyone heard any whispers of when/if we'll be getting deluxe editions of Mariah's albums?
  15. There were vinyl whispers on here a few pages back,but so far that's about it. Hope we get deluxe editions, I really do.
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  16. YES even though it's a bit over compressed she really went for it.
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  17. there’s a no rap version!

  18. I don’t know how much material there is left for a deluxe edition of some of the earlier records. I guess if there are any re-releases coming, they’ll probably include live versions/remixes. I’d love to get a re-release of Rainbow, Butterfly, and Charmbracelet with their respective tours chucked on the second disc.
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  19. I've found my soulmate.
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  20. Bliss!
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