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Mariah Carey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. The one on her YouTube is the Mobb Deep mix.
  2. - Was this remix featured on any of Marian's releases, or just DJ Clue's album, folks?
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  3. No, this was only released by DJ Clue.
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  4. Yeah it's only found on here.
  5. I'd like a live version of Through The Rain on streaming please! You can literally hear her fighting back the POWER through this performance compared to the studio vocals.

  6. I adore Through The Rain and so looking forward to #MC30 Charmbraclet week.
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  7. Could Emotions (MTV Unplugged version) be her finest vocal performance? It's absolutely astounding and actually moves me, to hear such an effortless and agile voice in it's prime.
  8. Probably my favourite ever live Mariah performance. The whole MTV Unplugged show is stunning.
  9. MTV Unplugged, is a total showcase.
  10. Tokyo Dome vocals >>> MTV Unplugged

    Although I will say despite the Daydream era being the peak of her superpowers vocally, I’ve always preferred Mariah when the rasp started to creep in a little bit.
  11. To be honest, am looking forward to the live disc of The Rarities just as much.
  12. She is a treasure.
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  13. So this Friday is apparently #1s era... 'do you know where you're going to', 'I still believe' and 'sweetheart' remixes!?

    I thought we would've got 'rainbow' era but I ain't mad.
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  14. I love how we are getting #1's covered, never thought we would to be honest! Those remixes must be very rare.
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  15. Since we got the Brazilian remixes for Butterfly, I assume we'll be getting the Brazilian ones for Do You Know Where You're Going To! Can't wait for those!
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  16. Yep, Butterfly era was my personal favourite era for her vocals. The bit of hoarseness to her voice really added that emotional punch to a lot of the songs.
  17. Yeah I said that last week. The DJ Grego ones deserve a full release.
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  18. It's too bad she didn't release the Mi Todo mixes.
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  19. Gotta love her lol

  20. Is it an unpopular Lamb opinion to not really care for Don't Forget About Us? I've heard it a hundred times but nothing about the song really sticks with me.
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