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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Found on FB.

    NEWS ON UPCOMING RELEASE: Mariah Carey "The Rarities" has a Japan Exclusive Bonus Blu-ray

    Mariah Carey to release a double CD set titled, "The Rarities" on October 2, 2020. Japanese edition exclusively features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 format and includes a bonus disc featuring her concert at Tokyo Dome in 1996.

    "The Rarities," as its title indicates, includes rare tracks and unreleased ones. Also, it includes unreleased live tracks taken from her "Daydream Tour" in Japan held at Tokyo Dome on March 7, 1996. This Japanese edition exclusively includes a bonus disc with live footage featuring the concert.

    Also, this Japanese edition exclusively features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 format. Comes with lyrics and a description. Plus, as the first pressing bonus, it comes with a postcard feat. cover artwork.
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  2. No news about tomorrow releases?
  3. I would love an invitation to that party.
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  4. The vinyl is now available to preorder on Amazon.

    I've just checked on Spotify New Zealand and this week will be for #1s. The remixes for Sweetheart and Do You Know Where You're Going To? have been uploaded. There is also a Spanish EP that has Heroe, El Amor Que Sone, Mi Todo, and the associated remixes of the latter track.
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  5. That Spanish EP is amazing ! ! ! I want a cd version like NOW !!! Didin't know there were so many remixes of Do you know where...
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  6. Awesome. Those Spanish tracks are gorge
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  7. She forgot something?
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  8. That’s probably coming with the Beautiful EP.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's also already on Spotify....

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  10. I had no idea this version had a complete different music video
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  11. #Beautiful still sounds so fresh and effortless today. One of her best tracks of recent years!

    Nice spanglish video too!
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  12. Pat


    Is it me or did they change 'The Roof' to 'The Roof (Back In Time)' and added the features of Breakdown to the titles on the Butterfly album on Spotify?
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  13. I already adore My All and The Roof but to hear they’re about her Derek Jeter fling? God tier.
  14. Me at midnight when the Spanish ep drops...

  15. A modern day Mariah classic for sure.
  16. Loving #1's week for #MC30!

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  17. Miguel is absolutely incredible. I'm so happy Mariah collabed with this generation's R&B King!
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  18. Oh wow! Never heard the I Still Believe (Stevie J Remix) before!
  19. It's so good she gave this era a chance to shine this week. Really did think it would be skipped straight over too Rainbow. Means excluding Merry Christmas (obviously), that every album/era of the 90's, has been covered.
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  20. Was hoping they would tidy her singles on Spotify while they were adding to what's already there, the duplications of singles is not good for my OCD. Going to get worse as we get Emancipation onward. @TeamMC please correct this and resume the perfection!
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