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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. All of the 'I Still Believe' remixes are incredible. She went all out.
  2. I am really coming around to Do You Know, not even the Diana Ross orignal I liked. But, the Mariah update, is starting to grow on me big time, even more so with the various remixes.
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  3. I thank the heavens the promo single had a version cutting him out. He is so grating on that track.
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  4. Has The Roof always had the '(Back In Time)' appendage on Spotify, or is this a Mandela effect moment?
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is there a reason some of these have the album version on them and some don't?
    It has me secondguessing myself if it's really the album version or there's some subtle difference I'm missing..
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  6. I decided to make an When You Believe EP of some form too. Didn't wanna leave it left out.
  7. I love Wale on You Don't Know What to Do. Take your bags and go boo!
  8. The single was released as The Roof (Back In Time) back in 98 - probably just going with how it was released then.
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  9. The vocal run in The Roof at 2:50 where her voice quivers and sounds almost like a violin never ceases to give me chills.

    Whoever she first boned post Mottola really is one of the most important muses in music history.

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  10. Derek Jeter

  11. I love this pink hell hole at times.
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  12. Do the new EPs include remastered tracks or are the same tracks we had before with a new cover?
  13. They sound remastered to me. Not 100% sure though.
  14. What did you include?
  15. I can't say I really see it in Derek Jeter? But we thank him for his service to music.
  16. It was nothing too spectacular, but I made it a 4 track EP similar to a 1998 CD maxi single:
    1. When You Believe
    2. Sweetheart (No Rap Version)
    3. Heroe (Spanish Version Of Hero)
    4. Vision Of Love

    I put the later on it, due the #1's theme and it was her first #1 and debut single. Plus, it was common trend back then to use older past singles as bonus tracks.
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  17. It's a shame there were no mixes of When You Believe. I can only apologise for sharing a P*ntatonix track but something like this Dave Audé remix of their cover would be nice.
  18. The fact that this guy inspired The Roof and My All... the D must have been so good.
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  19. I'd forgotten just how amazing Emancipation was - nearly every track is a winner.

    Nice to listen to this again - still gives me chills, especially the end.

  20. They all have the “Apple digital master” logo and to me, they sound excellent. If not “remastered”, they’ve certainly undergone the Apple digital master process to make them sound as good as possible. In contrast, the Madonna remix EPs that have been added recently, aren’t Apple digital masters, and they all sound low, and not a patch on the Mariah remix EPs in terms of sound quality.
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