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Mariah Carey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Okay so I’m not much of a Mariah fan. Or rather I’m not that familiar with her music outside of her biggest hits (and even then I’m a bit hazy). I’ve never j vested any time in her.

    I’m guessing her Greatest Hits is a good place to start. But can you guys recommend some deep cuts for me? I mainly want big bombastic or powerful ballads. I love a power ballad and Mariah knows her way round a ballad. Preferably earlier ones since I love 90s power ballads and stuff.

    Also some nice dance ones too. The kind of song to bop while stalking Luke Evans’ insta.
  2. 90’s

    Vision of Love
    I Don’t Wanna Cry
    Love Takes Time
    Baby if it’s Over
    Til the End of Time
    Without You
    I am Free
    Open Arms
    When I Saw You
    My All
    Close My Eyes
    After Tonight
    Against All Odds


    Lead The Way
    Never Too Far
    Through the Rain
    Bringing’ On The Heartbreak
    Mine Again
    We Belong Together
    Don’t Forget About Us
    I Wish You Well
    I Want to Know What Love Is
    One More Try
    With You

    One Fine Day (Acapella)
    Anytime You Need a Friend (Stringapella)
    Right To Dream
    Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
    Everything Fades Aways
    Slipping Away

    I typed this out at 3am with one eye shut you’re welcome and forgive any omissions.
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  3. She's only done "The Roof" live a few times ever, and it seems to be lipped every single time. For such a gorgeous song, and one of her fan favorites, I'm surprised she's paid it such dust. Could've really worked well during the "CAUTION" tour.
  4. Clip of Out Here On My Own!

  5. The well known Mariah songs One Fine Day and Baby If It’s Over!

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  6. Her debut, E=MC2 and Butterfly are great places to start.
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  7. Add Emancipation to this list, a perfect entry to her discography I think.
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  8. I personally think Emancipation starts out incredible strong, but kind of stagnates around the middle so I actually agree with Mariah that E=MC2 is the “better” version of Emancipation. I find her debut, Butterfly and E=MC2 great listens from beginning to end.
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  9. I get what you mean, maybe it's just the nostalgia daaahrling that makes me enjoy that album so much. E=MC2 is certainly her most carefree and bop-filled album together with Glitter, but I think Emancipation is the perfect bridge between new and old Mimi. The ballads on Emancipation are amazing (Mine Again, Circles), the deep cuts are there (Your Girl, Joy Ride, To the Floor), the singles are amongst her best (We Belong Together, Say Something, Shake It Off, It's Like That), and of course the religious experience that is Fly Like a Bird. What an era.
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  10. Sorry for double post, but do we know anything about E=MC2 getting the same treatment as Emancipation? Are they releasing it on vinyl together with the regional bonus tracks?
  11. I think you're going to enjoy Music Box based on your preferences.
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  12. The tracklist on Mariah's website says it's just the standard 14 track version.
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  13. Ah that's a shame! I thought somehow that we would get them all considering that's what they have done with Emancipation. Oh well!
  14. I've always been a bit in the middle when it comes to Emancipation. That singles run is EVERYTHING, but some of the album tracks just din't grab me in the same way. I much prefer Glitter and Charmbraclet as albums if had to be honest.
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  15. Emancipation isn't my absolute favourite album but find it much, much stronger than E=MC2.
  16. No Rainbow mixes this week, and Out Here On My Own isn't up yet either.
  17. Wonder if Rainbow will be next week? Or if that's really if after all for the EPS.
  18. I agree I love the early 00’s sound of Charmbracelet and the late 00’s sound of E=MC2. So it gets lost for me and bar the singles I’m only there for Fly Like a Bird and Mine Again. It’s the only Mimi album for me that needs the filler cut off.
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  19. I don’t see any reason as to why they’d leave off Rainbow’s remixes. Last week was skipped likely because of 9/11 and the merch. This week is because of Out Here On My Own. I’m sure we’ll see Rainbow next week; not too sure if we’ll get anything after, but hopeful!
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  20. Thanks for the pointers guys, very helpful. Looking forward to diving into her music, took me long enough,
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