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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Is Thank God I Found You unpopular on the forum? It's total cheese, but I actually enjoy it it's just so joyous.
  2. The remix of Thank God I Found You is genuinely a career highlight. Mariahs first verse coming in after the rap is one of my favourite vocal moments of hers and she doesn’t even do anything particularly fancy - she just sounds sublime.
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  3. Agree, the remix is top ten Mariah for me. What a wonderful slow jam.
  4. It’s the BABYBABYbabybay-beh for me.
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  5. Oh I LOVE the remix. The original though is awful.
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  6. I unapologetically love Thank God I Found You in all of its 90s soaring ballad cheese
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  7. This version of Thank God I Found You always sounded a bit better to me... and you can actually hear 98°

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  8. It’s far from the typical sound I go to Mimi for but I feel the lyrics and sentiment to the original are so cheesy and overwrought that they work with the schmaltzy treatment it received.

    The Remix with Nas and Joe, however, is absolutely what I go to Mimi for and easily in her Top 10 for me.
  9. Original = Garbage
    Remix = Bop
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  10. I love I Don't (please note that I haven't watched the video more than one time when it premiered nn), Infinity is Mariah-on-autopilot but I don't hate it, and I'm honestly kind of glad it underperformed so we could get The Elusive Chanteuse.
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  11. Ashlee Simpson_shadow (128).mp3
  12. I remember Mariah saying on The Today Show during the release week of Rainbow that Thanks God I Found You is her first happy album closer.
  13. The more I think about it, the more I truly and whole-heartedly believe that Loverboy is the greatest song of all time.
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  14. The same can be said for Triumphant, the Vintage Throwback Mix was that girl!
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  15. Me at London gay clubs circa 2018
  16. Last night's interview with Trevor Nelson for anyone that's interested. It was a great conversation and it sounded like they were in the same room (which isn't always the case with Zoom over the radio!) Enjoy!
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  17. I really do like her version of Bringin' On the Heartbreak a lot, but I so wish she had recorded it in any other era but Charmbracelet. Her voice was just not at its best then and the cover could have been epic if her voice packed a bit more punch.
  18. Listening now, really enjoying it.
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  19. The remix of Thank God I Found You has truly shot up in my MC rankings lately, and even moreso after reading her devotion to R&B in the memoir and how it was almost (well, it was technically) 'forbidden'. I bet she was having the time of her life exploring those sounds and the beautiful records she made, no one can ever take them away. The sampling process, the collaborators... It's just love. <3
  20. I never really cared about Infinity and I Don't, I felt like those were coming from a very uninspiring place for her as an artist. I very rarely listen to them now.

    Also Thank God I Found You slander? Not on my watch, it's a pure and cheesy piece of joy, and I'm happy that it went #1 (even if it was payole'd to death).
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