Mariah Carey

she features on Bones-thugz-N-Harmony''s new single! its so gud!! any news on mariahs new album (rumoured to be called Illusions: The Butterfly Within) due in november?? i heard rumours that she was releasing two albums this year (apparently stated by Universal Music Group chief executive Doug Morris) which i wern''t thinking was very likely but apparently shes gunna be releasing a second xmas album this year (according to Karen Clark-Sheard) who states in an interview that shes going to be producing it!
I think the new studio album will slip into early 2008, and apparently she''s confirmed that ''The butterfly within'' isn''t the title.
"Gud" and "gunna". Shame there was no opportunity to insert a "your" where "you''re" should have been. Hint: you may reply with "your stupid".
wow, wot a dick you are!! bless u tho! jus cause im typing on sum forum with incorrect grammar dont mean ''''''''im stupid''''''''. obv wen im writing my essays for my degree i use correct grammar. but dont worry i wont b hating on you wen ur serving me on the tills at tescos! il rise above it!

shame sum peeps who wanna jus chat bout music have to deal with d**ks who are jus rude!! x
Watch the language. We are talking about our gud old fart Mari-ah; though she cud talk like dat, it doesn''t mean we have to talk like her in this forum or slag others off.
Right. Next topic pelease.
I personally find it a bit rude and inconsiderate when people don''t type "correctly". It''s like you can''t be bothered and we''re not worth such a tiny bit of effort! I''ll stop there... >.< But whatever, at least you''re doing what you believe in etc. (oops, I didn''t stop!)

Karen Clark-Sheard. I know that name. Was/is she in SWV? I didn''t know she was a producer as well. Should be interesting. I have the ultra-mega-super-duper edition of her last album. I don''t even remember what it''s called. But it''s good :)


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Were there any good remixes of ''It''s Like That'' by Mariah Carey?
I''m thinking the likes of the Freemasons B-Day remixes...


The David Morales Radio Mix was quite listenable, and conveniently it''s available on iTunes too.
December 4!

Full story from

Mariah Carey is back, kids. New York's hometown chanteuse, famous for lots of things including an eight-octave range, is getting her new album ready for a Dec. 4 release.

The album is the follow-up to her mega-selling "Emancipation of Mimi." So far, the new one, Mariah told me Thursday night, does not have a name.

"We're working on that," she said, "and we're working on an R&B song like 'Fly Like a Bird' from the last album. But we have lots of songs."

Carey looked sensational in a tight-fitting blue gown as she was honored by VH-1 Save the Music along with former President Bill Clinton and VH-1's John Sykes.

Later, I told her that there had been a small war going on between Madonna's fans and hers, and that some of it resulted in nasty e-mails to this column.

"What? Why?" she asked. "I mean, I think I was in sixth grade when Madonna got started."

Carey's old rivalry used to be with Whitney Houston, who was closer in age. But with Houston in semi-retirement for now, somehow Madonna became her peer.

Carey's unnamed album hits stores on Dec. 4, although L.A. Reid told me he might hold off one more week to the 11th and hit the holiday sales big time. Are there any singles, I asked?

"It's like only singles so far," Carey said, laughing. "I don't want to give it away. But wait 'til you hear it." She has about a month to six weeks left to finish it.


Also, HMV UK list the title as " Sweet Soul Odyssey".


Can you believe it's been exactly 10 years since Butterfly album?
At the beginning during the introduction, I was worried, as she was borderline crap but after that it was great.

'Nuff said.
Yeah I thought that also, the into was terrible but she got much better and seemed to really take the micky out of herself as well which was fun.

I liked it, but then I love this show anyway its always very funny.

She SHOULD of sung live tho, cos she is one of the worst mimers out there. Its always over the top!

But other than that it was a scream.
jayjay10481981 said:
She SHOULD of sung live tho, cos she is one of the worst mimers out there. Its always over the top!
Was she miming to pre-recorded "live vocals"? It sounded terrible in places.