Mariah Carey

Wondering if this is the inspiration for the new album (next year?).. Ties in with the late night version of 'we belong together'. If it is I think its a super smart direction to go in.

Loving 'fall in love at Christmas time'... its relaxed, its lush, it breathes... its a moment dahhhling. She seems to be in such a good place right now... I'm so happy for her... and us! Lol
I feel like she’s in SUCH a good place lately. And I’m proud to see it.

The next album is going to destroy us.
I kind of hope The Meaning Of Mariah made her revisit her past in terms of music but also in how progressive she was in perspectives too. It's time for that reflective and proud record. She can take credit for writing about the patriarchy and Black Live Matters way before it was en vogue. In best case she is taking all of this into consideration for some of her best songs ever. In worst case she is gonna drop something as good as Caution. Which would not be a bad case at! all!
I can't listen to Vanishing without going:

Reaching out into the distance
Searching for spirits of the pastsomebodysdoingthewrongnote

The video is incredible. Highlights:
  • The humble placement of her platinum records
  • Her signature Mimi hand movements used in excess
  • Khalid being a snack
  • Dem Kids being draped in Mimi Merch
  • Her in a sleeveless dress in the "snow"
The song is stunning. I wasn't expecting to like it that much at the beginning but by the end I was hooked.