Mariah Carey

Sent From Up Above, Prisoner, and All In Your Mind can rival the singles but I find Alone in Love and You Need Me a teensy bit fillery. Still massive bops of course, but they would even be the weakest tracks on Emotions. Here We Go Around Again in all of it's Jackson 5 thievery deserved album status over them. Can You Hear Me is gorgeous but not sure whether it should have replaced anything on Emotions (nobody come for So Blessed plz and thx).
When Carey's fiancé at the time, Tommy Mottola, came to hear the song in the studio, he had mixed feelings.[7] He approached Walter Afanasieff and asked him to add some additional instrumentation and flavor.[7] Afanasieff changed the song at the production level, altering the way in which the hook sample was incorporated into the song, as well as adding several new instruments.[8] He described the changes to Bronson in an interview:

"Mariah and Dave did this loop thing which was new to us pop producers at the time. Their version of 'Dreamlover' was missing a lot of stuff. The spirit of the song was up but it wasn't hitting hard enough. I re-worked the drums, organ and keyboard. The organ and hi-hat part I changed made it a bit more swinging and a little bit more driving. I put a whole new shade of colors to it."

I wonder what Dreamlover might have sounded like without Tommy and Walter's interference.
Probably more 'Ain't No Half Steppin' ?

End result is still great, but probably frustrating for Mariah.