Mariah Carey

Just recently bought the "Remixes" album and really liking the Def & Morales mixes. So I'm wondering if there are any of the Mariah mixes worth checking out beyond the ones included on this album?

Jesus, where to begin...


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Such a good introduction to her remixes. She really was the queen of them, especially for the fact she often recorded new, specific vocal takes, if I'm not mistaken.

I love the fact that she used to specifically re-record vocals. That's resulted in some mixes that are starkly different from the originals (e.g. the Mr. Dupri Mix of Always Be My Baby and I think the Soul Convention remix of Anytime You Need A Friend) and her discography has definitely benefited.
Is she definitely doing the Christmas shows in New York this year? Want to go but won't book flights until I know I've got tickets for the gig.
It's highly frustrating that she announces it so late in the year so non-US fans have little time to get their business in order (flights, leave and funds etc). I would love to go as I think it'd be properly magical.
Maybe stay in London.


Are you teasing something here?!
I'm tossing up between buying Rainbow or Glitter vinyls (or both)... the Glitter one is actually quite dear. It must be mega rare but it'll look beautiful framed.
Don't know if anyone has properly mentioned this yet, but she's actively recording album 15.

She's been in the studio with Jermaine, Bryan Michael Cox and Johnta Austin. Really hoping she branches out and works with some other (hopefully new) producers for this one. Also hoping she gives Mike Will Made-It a call because Faded was one of the best on MIAMTEC.


Quote from a couple of days ago:

“I’m taking a different approach with this record because I’m not holding myself to the studio like, ‘I’m making this album top to bottom.’ People don’t really do that anymore. Right now I’m writing and recording and collaborating, and then we’ll see what the best of the best is. It’s a secret because then everybody steals the concept. I’m serious, it just happened to me like two months ago. I don’t want to go into it because then I’m gonna be shady.”
I just hope she keeps the album title short and sweet. Like I miss her one-word album titles. I forgave her for the Emancipation because its iconic. But like Memoirs and Chanteuse are like so damn long. They are quite humorous at first but they are just too wordy!
I feel like she's graduated from the ultra kitschy one word album titles. But things did reach a new level of ridiculous with Chanteuse, so maybe find a nice medium.
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