Mariah Carey

'Rainbow' was too rushed. She admitted it herself. While it has some of the greatest songs she's ever recorded like 'Can't take that away' and 'Petals' it also has a lot of shit like 'Bliss'. Far too much filler.
'Charmbracelet' is probably her worst album vocally but it redeems itself by being amazing lyrically!
1. Christmas 2. My all Morales 3. One Sweet Day 4. Always be 5. Vision of Love (will work on the rest) FORGOT "I Know what you want"! Love it!
I'm doing mine again!

01. Hero
02. Dreamlover
03. We Belong Together
04. All I Want For Christmas Is You
05. Honey / Honey (Bad Boy Remix) feat. Ma$e & The LOX
06. Vision of Love
07. Fantasy / Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix) feat. ODB
08. Heartbreaker feat. Jay-Z / Heartbreaker (Remix) feat. Missy Elliott & Da Brat
09. It's Like That / It's Like That (David Morales Radio Mix)
10. Emotions

11. Bye Bye
12. One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men
13. Don't Forget About Us
14. Prisoner
15. I Know What You Want with Busta Rhymes feat. Flipmode Squad
16. Touch My Body
17. Never Too Far
18. Hero & Never Too Far Medley
19. Through The Rain
20. Without You

I realised I've totally cheated by doing a Top 20, but between these songs I'd say I like them all equally, and it varies so much. Each one of these songs, at some point, has been my favourite Mariah song.

I know I did a list earlier, but I was amazed how many good songs I had forgot to include first time around!
You are not allowed number 18, Josh! You have 'Hero' and 'Never too far' seperately. You are not allowed the medley! I FORBID IT!

And where the fuck is can't take that away in your top 20?
I've never thought too much of "Can't Take That Away"; I've never given it a proper listen. It's from the same era which produced a cringeworthy duet with Westlife! BUT - NEWSFLASH - I will give it a listen when I get in from work today!

And I so can have the "Hero/NTF Medley"! I've grouped remixes alongside the original version in my list, but as much as I like the Medley I couldn't possibly group it with "Hero", maybe with "Never Too Far" though.

But the vocals are a bit 'dodgy' on it, too.

Plus, I've always thought "Through The Rain" (without the whispers) would make a much better medley with "Hero". Won't ever happen though, *sad faceness*.
Can't take that away is also from the same era as Petals, you pillok! And Moomoo's solo version of 'Against all odds' is pretty fabby!

If you're gonna listen to CTTA, watch the video on youtoooob (youtoooob). It makes me weep.


Dazzle said:
Can't take that away is also from the same era as Petals, you pillok! And Moomoo's solo version of 'Against all odds' is pretty fabby!

For me Moomoo's version of 'Against all odds' is the definite. Fuck Phil!
"Can't Take That Away" and it's video is nothing special! There's also something particularly awkward about her movements in the video.

Touch My Scotty

I'm shocked nobody has listed Against All Odds with Westlife.
1. We Belong Together
2. Without You
3. Touch My Body
4. Fantasy
5. Emotion
6. Honey
7. Heartbreaker
8. It's Like That
9. Vision Of Love
10. Someday


I also love love love vintage Moo on Judy Torres' Weakness Of The Body! Amazed-ing!


No love for Prisoner? It's her very best, you can't go wrong with a dated Freestyle-Miami dance beat, a rap and a sung intro!

Said rap:

So if you wanna be my love
You can't be all wild
Play up when
You see me and then say "Mariah I miss you"
Expect me to hug and kiss you?
Don't that dis you?
But I guess I'm not the kind of girl you thought I was
I've had enough of "Now I'll see ya later 'cause..."
Boy make me know that I'll be strong enough
But I won't be a prisoner baby of your love
No more no more no more no more no more no more
No nooo, baby now

Forgot to add Sent From Up Above on my list!


See also My Heart Will Go On, Whenever Wherever, I Will Always Love You, Crazy In Love, Left Outside Alone, Angels...
Touch My Scotty said:
I'm shocked nobody has listed Against All Odds with Westlife.

Oh lordy lordy lordy!

Her solo version of that song = Brilliant but then those useless boring twats a.k.a Westlife came along and it went tits up!

I blame them for her decline with Glitter HAHA ;)
someboy0716 said:
I rather surprised at the lack of listing of "Hero".

I was a little shocked at that also. I do myself like the song and when she sings it live I always get a little tear in my eye but I have always prefered "Without You" even if that was a cover its such a beautiful song but then got bumped down my list out of the top 10 I need a top 20 or even 30 to be fair to some other great songs I also love.
1. Always Be My Baby
2. Forever
3. Breakdown
4. When I Saw You
5. Without You
6. Honey
7. We Belong Together
8. I'll Be There
9. Shake It Off
10. Heartbreaker

Obv. I loved the Daydream/Butterfly periods most!