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Marian Hill - Got It

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. This has grown on me over repeated listens. Definitely echoes of Kelis' early work at times and Missy too.
  2. A&E


    All of their songs sound nearly the same (especially the ones on their first EP), but "Lips" is the standout for me:


    They also have a new song out, "Wasted".
  3. Wow I love these songs. I love them a lot. I have only heard of them as of 5 minutes ago but I really want to see them live immediately
  4. A&E


    They have a not-quite new EP out called Sway. It includes "One Time", "Lovit" (their worst song??) and "Whisky" – which previously appeared on the March 2014 EP Play, last year's singles "Lips" and "Got It", and the two new tracks "Wasted" and "Deep" (one of their best tracks I think, a slower one). Seems they've signed with Republic Records.
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  5. Video for 'I Want You'.
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  6. They're so awkward in video form, but I enjoy seeing them try.
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  7. Down is #3 on US iTunes. I knew they would be big.
  8. They were being used as background music all over yesterday's football games. I did a double take the first time hearing it coming from the TV.
  9. They should have used Back To Me in the AirPods commercial instead, but sIay.

  10. They got a Billboard hit with this one. It's typical them, but the video is their best yet. I'm happy they're getting bigger.
  11. This video is very cool. That editing to the beat is gorgeous.
  12. This song sounds incredibly strange and out of place on the radio, in a good way.
  13. Remember when I saw them live in Berlin last Nov and then they blew up. The Vas touch.
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  14. Why didn't this happen to Natalia Kills then.
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  15. SCREAM.
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  16. Down is dope - a delicious taste of Victorian melancholy and hipster sheen.
  17. I don't find Down particularly remarkable compared to their past releases, but I'm totally okay with whatever gets them going. But I won't lie, I kinda wish the Lauren collabo was smashing instead of this.
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  18. It's like a late entry for Best Video VMA of 1997. I love it.
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