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Marie Serneholt - I Need A House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jsd, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. jsd


    This song is evil. It's exactly the sort of thing I should hate, but I can't stop listening to it. It's all so wrong, from the breathy sub-Britney delivery to the too-commercial-for-words harmonies. But there's something about the cheesetastic 80's production touches (that chorused guitar lick, the big tom fill) that I can't resist.

    It's so wrong but it feels so right.

  2. We were all just talking about her in the thread entitled "Marie Serenholt." haha.

    I think the song is trash and deserved to flop, but that's neither here nor there. The lead single was cheese-tastic, and 'Enjoy The Ride' was the next best thing going on that album of hers. I liked that it sounded as if there were horses galloping through the track. It truly is the year of the horse.
  3. jsd


    I tried searching before I posted, but alas, the search engine does not work on misspellings.

    I hated pretty much the whole album except for I Need A House. The rest of it sounded just like generic contemporary euro-pop and lacked the crucial 80's Velveeta factor of "House".
  4. Hows she doing abroad? When she started out I said she reminded me of Lene. I hope she hasn't met the same fate!
  5. The lyrics are embarassing but the tune is very nice. I just love her to death. She's almost pop perfection. Just don't talk about kitchen sinks, Marie :).
  6. Yeah, the song's just terrible!
  7. according to her the dum de dum de dum dum de day is getting an American release....
  8. From her website:

    "The overall idea was "ABBA meets Gwen Stefani"

    Swing & a miss!

    I think the A*teens had good sales with the disney radio type in the US, so you never know.
  9. Does anybody know where Marie's gone? Her website doesn't seem to have been updated since June. I was so hoping for an 'Enjoy The Ride' single release...
  10. I loved this album in the summer - I'm not sure the whole thing will stick up in the doom and gloom of winter. Enjoy The Ride is a great little number - House is a nice album track, but I think as a second single it was a little bit misguided, a little too All*Stars.
  11. Her myspace is pretty active. I'm not sure about the next single in Europe, but she's planning to go over to the U.S. soon. I'm not sure how that could possibly work, but good on her and her label for making an attempt.
  12. That MySpace isn't official, so I don't really trust any of this US news...
  13. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    "Oxygen" is the next single in Sweden.
  14. Her record company is deluded to think that 'Oxygen' could save the album; the only remaining single worthy tracks on the recording are 'Wasted Love' & 'Enjoy The Ride' - which will never see the light of the day now.
  15. Nightmare! I hadn't realised she wasn't doing well in Sweden - what a shame. The album's tops, and "That's The Way That My Heart Goes" is a perfect piece of pop...
  16. Completely. Although if they really are that despeate to release a ballad it should be the beautifully haunting Beyond Tonight. They could film the vid in that castle that's been used for promo's by Spice Girls, Five and Sinead Quinn!
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