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MarieMarie – O [German harpist takes on atmospheric pop]

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by A&E, May 16, 2018.

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    Marie Scheiblhuber’s harp credentials reach back to the early 00s, when she toured with many artists in her home country. A decade later, she began her solo career, releasing the colourful Dream Machine and participating in Germany’s selection for Eurovision 2014 with two songs lifted from that album: “Cotton Candy Hurricane” and “Candy Jar” (notice a pattern?).

    For some reason the album and most of its music videos had been taken down last year.

    MarieMarie’s second album titled O came out just last week (May 11) – delayed by over a year. The shift is instantly noticeable, and not only because she’s literally let her hair down. The cutesy lyrics have been replaced by darker themes, while the harp is no longer at the forefront but melding perfectly with other instrumentation to create moody, atmospheric soundscapes. But enough of me trying to describe my latest obsession, just sample the singles and get transported into MarieMarie’s universe.

    A Beautiful Life

    Wrap Your Night Around Me

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  3. What a coincidence she released this on the exact same day as Ssions album, also called O !!

    Imma listen!
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    I knoww, though MM's album first was supposed to appear in 2017 and then on 2 March 2018 ddd.
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  5. Oh I'll be sinking my teeth into this when I wake up!
    Thank you, this sounds awesome!
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  6. So I've gone through this album and it is brilliant; I keep coming back to Salt is My Sugar
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  7. A delay ready songstress?

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  9. It's very nice indeed. It's perfect for playing during my nightshift <3
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  10. adsajkjkf not tropical, help.


    *hisses in goth*
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