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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popfiend, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. So it appears that Marilyn has re-recorded a couple of his singles and posted them to YouTube...along with a promise of new music to come. I'm not certain how I feel about tampering with a classic.

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  2. You don't love me was easily my favourite Marilyn song and I don't think he's done a bad job with this to be fair.
    It's not bad at all.

    Marilyn could have been a far bigger pop star than he was. Releasing the album 2 years after Calling your name was such a bad idea. Momentum had slowed down so badly that no one seemed to care by then (it's a pretty solid album too). Such a shame. His 12 months of fame were fab, I was a very young lad at the time but thought he was gorgeous.
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  3. One of my favourite pop stars. I'm so pleased he's back.

    I'd love to do an expanded Despite Straight Lines with the missing songs from the first one on, and some unreleased bits and bobs from his Mercury tenure.
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  4. I really like the "new, huskier" vocals.
    I think You Don't Love Me 2015 works much better than Calling Your Name 2015 though.
    He has almost finished recording a new album which features backing vocalists Victoria Wilson James (Soul II Soul) and Claudia Fontaine (Marilyn, Howard Jones, The Specials etc)
    He's been recording at Barbican studios.
  5. Met him on Saturday evening at the Culture Club concert. lots of people asking for photos, he seemed genuinely touched that people were interested him again
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  6. He looks hot now. Would.
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  7. No, I like a bit of everything!

    He looks exactly like 80s Dolph Lundgren now!
  8. There was something remarkable about Marilyn, the pop star. His label certainly had faith in him and they spared no expense.

    I often wonder how Marilyn's career would have gone had he signed to ZTT after he left Polygram. We would have been inundated with re-issues of his by now!
  9. When he cut his hair off back in the 80s. With just the right amount of scruff.
  10. I like this very much.
  11. Grown Justin Bieber teas. In both voice and looks, spooky.
  12. Love the new song and video, and what a comeback really.
    Looking forward to the full album very much.
  13. It's much better than I thought it was going to be.
  14. It's a kii that between him, Boy and Pete he's the one that looks 100% the same decades later. Good genes or less time in the limelight?
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  15. It's a very recent thing as far as Marilyn is concerned: she appeared on a Channel 4 documentary (Whatever Happened To The Gender Benders) and had appeared to have aged terribly. However, whatever he's done has clearly worked because he looks brilliant now.
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  16. Probably a better diet.
  17. l would love to watch that documentary again, but the entire version isn't available on Channel 4 anymore!
  18. Here's a better quality upload of the 'Baby U Left Me (In the Cold)' video than previously on YouTube:

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  19. If you find a better quality upload of the alternate 'Baby U Left Me' video, please post it.

    Has 'Love Or Money' charted anywhere, or is that silly of me to ask?
  20. Is that an American edit of the video? If it is, I know someone who'll probably have a decent copy of it. The one I uploaded is recorded from an Australian music video show. They've also aired 'Calling Your Name' and an Australian TV performance of 'Cry and Be Free'.
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