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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popfiend, Sep 7, 2015.

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  2. Great to see so much publicity for the new single, which is excellent.
  3. I first met Marilyn around 1994 at Heaven with George and Phillip Salon. Me and @mump boy were so excited that we ignored the other 2 and just spent ages singing obscure album tracks to him which I think he secretly loved.

    He totally disappears after that until Dusty O somehow managed to coax him out of retirement for a gig at her Tea Dance club on a Sunday afternoon. It was pretty awful but didn't care because it was one of my childhood heroes live on stage. Something I never thought I'd see.

    Then there was absolutely no sign of him for a decade or more. Plenty of rumours which going by this interview all of which seem to have been true.

    Then bizarrely last year I bumped into him 3 times in the course of a month. I was of course overcome with excitement and went all uncharacteristically fanboy.

    He looks amazing and it's so great to see him back in some fashion. He's never going to be a big popstar again but taking his rightful place as a clubland legend out and about teaching the children how it's supposed to be done is the very least he deserves.

    I remember that Smash Higs interview really well. He looked great with his chopped off hair and stripey jumper. If only we had more pop stars like him today.

    And Despite Straight Lines is amazing as I have telling everyone on here for years.
  5. King.
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  6. Who'da thunk 30 years ago that Boy George and Marilyn would be touring daytime chat shows in 2016.

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  7. Yes, I am glad George is so on board for the new Marilyn album.
    Looks like Tribes took a back seat for this so he must have faith in his best friend.
  8. Just got Despite Straight Lines in the post today, I was only a baby when he was in the charts so missed out on him first time round. I absolutley love this album, Cry and Be Free is such a great song, I'm a sucker for a good gospel choir on a pop song and this is just on another level for me, so beautiful!! I loved watching the TOTP performance of it too, he really was a stunning looking peacock at his height, his look was so striking and still looks amazing to this day.

    I'm really pleased he's having a bit of a rennisance at the moment.

    I wonder if his covers of Spirit in The Sky & Diana Ross's I ain't Been Licked will ever see a cd release, I personally love them.
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  9. I Ain't Been licked was supposed to be included but it didn't fit on the CD because the version of Raining Again used was a 12" mix I believe.

    DSL is in my all time top 5. It's a world class album, but the CD omits Pray For That Sunshine, which is a real shame. It's worth checking that one out online.

    Another cover recorded at the same time, Ain't Nobody's Business is stellar as well. He sings it so well.
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  10. Has the new Marilyn song "Wrongun" been discussed yet, I love it, very 80s ska sound.

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  11. It's great, a good contrast to the last single. The video clip works really well, especially the bit with Nicki Minge going off on one.
  12. Marilyn is selling signed promo copies of His CD 'Love Or Money' via his Facebook,
  13. I have never heard of this! Was it for the DSL sessions or the tracks he recorded after?

    I have always wanted to hear the demos he recorded that nearly got him signed to ZTT.
  14. Sorry only just seen this. It was recorded at the same time as I Ain't Been Licked, so December 1984, presumably for a b-side, and was produced by Eric Robinson. It's very traditional jazz and he was at the top of his game vocally. Eric pretty much finished off the album with him in October 1984 with Wear It Out, Give It Up and Third Eye all being done close together. Wear It Out may have been considered as a single as some prep for a 12" was done.

    His 1983 demos were Calling Your Name, Pray For That Sunshine, Surrender your Love and Cry And Be Free.

    There's about 10 other unreleased mixes/versions I think (at all or on CD) plus Raining Again 7"' so there's plenty for a deluxe DSL.

    It looks like there may be new material released soon too.
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  15. Totally missed this. It’s surprisingly great.
  16. Marilyn tweeted than Boy George wants to release more stuff that they did together.
    They seem to be on and off again friends lately so hopefully this happens before they fall out (again).
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  17. There's a bunch of stuff he did without George as well so hopefully that'll get included too. Given Despite Straight Lines stands as one of the best albums of the 80's it's insane there's no follow up.

    His mid 80's recordings, like What Have I Got To Lose, were absolutely great.
  18. Has anyone ever managed to obtain these tracks?

    How Could I Live
    What Have I Got To Lose
    The Kiss Of Life

    Live set:
    Spirit In The Sky
    Give It Up
    Mountain To The Ocean
    Calling Your Name
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  19. Thanks for this info! I don't understand why Cherry Pop didn't give it the 2 disc treatment. They do it for most other reissues now. Someone had mentioned on the SDE website that DSL was a big seller for Cherry Red, so I always imagined that Universal would just start putting his music up on iTunes or Spotify, realizing there was still an interest for him.

    Looking forward to when he releases something new.
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  20. No, for the unreleased tracks - I hope they make it on YouTube or a CD release. I never even knew of any live recordings other than him doing "You Don't Love Me" at a Royal Charity event that was posted on YouTube.
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