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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. She needs to give that chord progression to God at this point.
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  2. RMK


    The album was already too ballad heavy, we didn't need another.
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  3. She announced the tour openers are Tove Styrke and Pussy Riot.
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  4. So, I hadn't bothered with any Marina leaks for a while - but having finally heard the snippet for Pink Convertible, I'm disappointed with the deluxe edition already! The deluxe edition should have had more sassy new wave numbers. The title track, Venus Fly Trap, and Purge The Poison (despite clunky and questionable lyrics) are great - they all sound like a progression from The Family Jewels, which is her best album for me.
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  5. "Happy Loner" video out tomorrow too.
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  6. She definitely picked the right tracks for the standard edition. Free Woman is boring and Pink Convertible is the worst of her political lyricism while lacking the melodramatic punch of a Purge The Poison or New America.

    It's not hard to see why they're pushing Happy Loner as the main deluxe release even though it's a fairly unremarkable Marina ballad.
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  7. Pink Convertible is boring. So is Free Woman but there are some cute production details going on, beautiful vocals and the subject is a little more personal. Happy Loner is really the "best" song. Alright for an "expanded" on the original album, but nothing really groundbreaking.

    I hope she'll be coming with the follow up "soon". She already hinted about "on to the next one" and some of Ancient Dreams really paved a nice path; Goodbye, Flowers, Highly Emotional People are real highlights. It's just crazy how good she sounds while writing about personal subjects instead of... platitudes.
  8. The lyrics, Marina sis... What happened to her?!??! She used to be so sharp and witty and caustic, and now she just sounds like a bad parody of white feminism wellness. Yikes.
  9. I mean to be fair it's a leftover.

    Wasn't it the first song she worked on for the album? Definitely left off for a reason.
  10. We needed another bop ma'am.
  11. Marina working her piles of money into every other song is camp.
  12. The title track, Venus Fly Trap and I Love You but I Love Me More are her best songs since the Froot era. Her voice is suited to rock music. She should go full rock for the next record.
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  13. RMK


    These new additions only sink the album's score. We didn't need more ballads.
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  14. Three new bum songs. The album remains shit.
  15. Did anyone expect anything vaguely spectacular from the deluxe edition?
    All three songs range between okay and good, but are obviously innessential when it comes to the album - very much 'it's just another song by Marina'. I do find the lyrics of "Happy Loner" relatable (which can't be said for pretty much any song on the album) and therefore have some sort of affection towards that song. "Pink Convertible" has a great chorus and I presume it will grow on me further. "Free Woman" is dangorously close to the overly sterile stuff from L+F, quite bland.
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  16. She's brave for including those 2 demos on the deluxe because they're awful. I get she may be trying to show the creative process but the 'Mermaid vs Sailor' jumped out.

    Free Woman doesn't even sound finished, Happy Loner ha Numb 5.0 retread, and Pink Convertible would've benefitted from a kick in the BPM.
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  17. Not trying to be that person but I truly feel like she fell off after FROOT. I'm not even sure what direction would be best to take next.
  18. I genuinely think the standard edition of Ancient Dreams was a decent enough course correction after Love + Fear. I've long since accepted she's not going to replicate the quality of the first three albums again but if she comes out with a few songs now and then with the quality of Goodbye, I Love You But I Love Me More and Venus Fly Trap then I'm happy enough with that.

    I just wish I could understand what happened to her lyricism. I know it's beyond a dead horse as a discussion point but the lyrics in songs like Pink Convertible and Free Woman are so plain, flat and on the nose I genuinely just do not know how they came from the same pen as a song like Froot.
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