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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. Ugh, I still love Froot so much. Best album, best visuals, best tour, best merch. The whole era was such a serve!
  2. I imagine she'd do the sort of thing Miss World is doing really effectively.
  3. I listened to I'm A Ruin for the first time in years after checking out the deluxe tracks and.... the decay is real. Froot was her creative and artistic peak, it seems.
  4. Write a good song?
  5. I kept Goodbye and binned the rest of the album. Her lyrics have gotten more and more cringey and have lost any sort of charm/wit she used to put into them. I’ll bop to I’m A Ruin and Blue and Enjoy Your Life in all its basicness and forget anything else came after it.
  6. I know every pop girl has their go-to melodies, but Marina really just has two: her piano ballads and her quirky fast-paced song. And it is giving diminishing returns.
  7. I liked Happy Loner a lot but Pink Convertible should have stayed in the vault.
  8. Happy Loner is very cute.
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  9. Even i can't defend Pink Covertible. This deluxe didn't need to happen.
  10. Well... it’s music I guess.
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  11. Pink Convertible... might be worse than Orange Trees. Go girl give us the worst you have.
  12. The funny thing is... the fans pretty much gaslit her about this Deluxe. Pink Convertible was horrible questionable ever since she previewed it over a year before the album just like Purge The Poison.

    Right now the situation isn't as dirge as it looked with Love + Fear where it looked like she totally lost it. There are some real career highlights with Ancient Dreams and she seems to be experimenting with new ideas; she's trying to produce song by herself and once again decided to write most of the music all by herself (just like Froot). I hate to be this person, but it is also pretty clear how the great songs on Ancient Dreams are the ones that she's going for a personal experience instead of trying to write about the world as one single entity. Her breakup influenced most of the great songs on the album, so she does still "have it", but it's a matter of perspective and how she puts it.

    It's not even about clunky lyrics or ~quirky melodies, since these things have been around since her debut, but what she's actually trying to achieve with these.
  13. Whenever I think of that tour I go back to the Chicago live feed where she had a heatstroke and sat down for the whole thing ddd
  14. I kind of like “Pink Convertible” nn.
  15. I really like the album. I don't care about Pandora's box and Flowers, but the rest is pretty good, even if it's not her best. Ancient Dreams, Purge The Poison and Goodbye are some of my favorite tracks in her discography.
    The deluxe edition tracks though... Happy Loner is the best one but at this point it feels like a parody of what she's done for the last couple of years. I'm happy with her being present in the writing and production process but she needs to mix it up. It'd wonders for her to find new collaborators and learn new things, or simply sit back and rely on someone who can give a fresh take to her music.
    The new artwork is better than the standard one, so at least we have that.
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  16. Pink Convertible and Happy Loner are fine, just like the album. It needed more uptempos for the deluxe, but this is Marina.
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  17. Free e e e eeee
  18. I enjoy the deluxe tracks, they definitely make the album feel more complete. I personally quite love the dreamy, false optimism of Pink Convertible.
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  19. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I quite like Free Woman, though that’s probably because it’s the least ballady ballad of the three. Pink Convertible on the other hand is…really not great. So tired of the “IF CIVILISATIONAL COLLAPSE BAD THEN WHY ENJOY THING” bullshit that 2021 was full of.

    The demos though…jeeesus. How do you get material presumably recorded on modern equipment to sound like that??? It’s like a segment from Everywhere at the End of Time.
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    She post 2 videos on her instagram explaning her reason to put those 2 demos, and also reaffirmed that yeah they are very raw. But I understand her reasons, and yeah i'm really impressed cause SHE made the melody by herself, and make it a lot more easier to the producer transcode in the final version in the studio, and also, the major credit goes to her in the process…
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