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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. This reference took me OUT
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  2. Happy Loner is fantastic and I really enjoy Pink Convertible. Not very impressed with Free Woman though.
    Do we know if these new tracks will be included on the vinyl which is finally coming next month?
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Not being too obvious but losing the Diamonds in her name really was disastrous, huh. It's like she lost pretty much all her creativity with that one decision. The title track of the latest album is really the only thing near to what she used to be able to deliver pre-Love + Fear. Sad.
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  4. Yeah, the title track gave me "Mowgli's Road" vibes, especially the percussion.
  5. I Love You But I Love Me More is easily the best song outside of the singles. Could easily slot in on Froot.
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  6. I keep telling myself I would enjoy this more had I not wasted so much time trying to love Love + Fear. Not to be that gay but if this followed Froot I would have loved it. Goodbye, I Love You But I Love Me More, and the title track are top tier while flowers (and purge dd) are what I come to Marina for
  7. Happy Loner is the most Marina-by-numbers ballad she's ever done... and yet it really touches me in a way none of her ballads has since Numb? The way the lyrics could've been lifted from my diary if I had a diary ñññ
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  8. She just released the repackage and yet...

    ... time for a new thread?
  9. it's just a magazine cover
  10. thank god
  11. Sis.
  12. To be fair it does look like one of those made-up magazines for the "not like the others" gays.
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  13. Galore’s photoshoot for Avril was great so I’m pretty excited for Marina’s.
  14. I’m sorry I do not know every magazine in existence!!!

  15. I'm the uber hun of being annoyed by made up magazines but Galore is actually quite known beb.
  16. To be fair i have to search for it, cause i'm in doubt if it's a new single or not too
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  17. Oh my God, you look just like Shakira Liz Taylor.
  18. Not THAT album title tho…
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  19. Love & Fear


    in Hollywood

  20. You've definitely called out some more legitimate magazines I've worked at than Galore as made up before. I've quite literally never seen one of these on a newsstand.
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