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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. You worked for
  2. Goodbye.

    I think you talked shit about Wonderland once (as you should!)
  3. The second picture is giving me Electra Heart as a Stepford Wife and I miss when that would be an album concept For her
  4. “Songs like, “Goodbye,” “Flowers,” “I Love You, But I Love Me More,” really helped me gain my sense of self back. And again, as you know, it’s just a massive bonus that I have a fan base and I am able to do this as a career”

    from the Galore interview.

    she’s on the right path.
  5. RMK


    I’m happy she highlighted those rather than Man’s World or New America. Her best output really comes from her own emotions and experiences rather than political commentary.
  6. Hard to believe but the tour starts this week. Looking forward to seeing her live on Saturday!
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  7. Tour just began!

    Official setlist

    No Primadonna (Or "Hermit the Frog" dd)
    Hate how she decided that Obsessions wasn't a great addition anymore, mess.

    It seems like she really decided to skip one of her real hits this time around. But it's still pretty balanced. She always brings some deep cuts.
  8. I think that’s a very solid setlist!
  9. That's an exceptional setlist.


    Was thinking of selling my ticket because I have a clash but fuck that.
  10. That little 3-block of FROOT songs? Oh wow. It says Set List B, so it's possible there are variations.
  11. RIP Obsessions but otherwise the setlist looks great, wow.
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  12. That opening three song sequence must be an experience live. That said

    no Primadonna is such a weird choice. I mean, it's literally her biggest song and one I imagine everyone going to a Marina show will be expecting to hear.
  13. At this point is Bubblegum Bitch her biggest song?
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  14. Usually she always changes setlists while going Europe / US, but usually it’s the deep cuts being rotated around. I guess we’ll see.

    I think it was on Galore Magazine but she did say she was retiring one of her hits. Then she retracted and went “not really retiring, just not performing, it doesn’t fit along the show”

    Her songs going in and out on TikTok/Spotify probably gave her some stability to switch things around. Nowadays she can really bring Bubblegum Bitch and it will be a crowd pleaser.
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  15. I love that setlist, there's a great balance of her back catalogue and not the obvious choices too, Love + Fear getting the least attention nn.
  16. Yeah there’s enough “hits” there that the loss one big single didn’t even register to me.
  17. Some amazing songs missing but it's pretty solid !
  18. When you get 5 albums in people are always to complain about one of their favourites not being included but no I'm A Ruin surprises me, maybe even moreso than Primadonna.

    If that was added I think it would be a pretty fantastic choice of songs for the setlist.
  19. The stage design is embarrassingly poor for an album that could lend itself to some interesting visuals and colors. It's just long white curtains at the back of the stage and a full band with her. Even Love + Fear had better staging.
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  20. I really think it's a budget issue dddd. Like, she ditched the live band during Love+Fear so they could bring dancers and... that white sheets stage to project stuff. This time around she brought her biggest band so far, and the stage itself looks a bit bigger\larger. There's the huge piano (she used to play like, keyboard\synthetic piano dd) and I guess the white things are acting like Screens.

    She really peaked with Neon Nature. The whole thing was just beautiful and streamlined. The 2-floor setup + screens gave her enough space and played some nice visuals. Lonely Hearts Club was also beautiful modelled and the "Electra HEART" sign was lowkey iconic.
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