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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. I was really expecting a catwalk and b-stage personally!
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  2. Bubblegum Bitch > Primadonna anyways? What a great setlist! Can't wait to see her in march!
  3. I really wish she swapped Can't Pin Me Down with Blue.
  4. Marina is such an assured performer. I really don't think she needs anything more than a band, a keyboard and a curtain. If anything the theatre school dancers on the last tour kinda proved that. She's most in her element on her own.

    Maybe a cute stage set-up or some props would be fun, but she doesn't need it. And the budget is presumably tight so I can't be mad.
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  5. Yeah, the dancers in the last tour were... not it.

    For someone who made a whole playlist about her TikTok viral hits... there are some very obvious ommisions in the setlist. But I'm not going anyway so ññ
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of the Neon Nature stage was what trapped her into being unable to cancel / reschedule dates when a family member got sick. I'm just thankful she's got a band back and got rid of the dancers, she's a strong enough performer on her own.

    The setlist isn't bad actually, but Primadonna could've easily replaced Handmade Heaven. I'm, maybe naively, still wondering if we're going to get some Electra Heart anniversary dates down the line.

  7. After she straight refused the idea of doing a Bubblegum Bitch Music Video and said “YOU CANT GO BACK TO THE PAST, NO!!” I really doubt it. But she also tried to sell clothing based on some Electra Heart stuff/Collection so who knows dd.
  8. My date got cancelled but I see she still refuses to pull out Radioactive so I fear I'm not missing out.
  9. Wow

    She looks amazing
  10. The dancers on the last tour were some of the most embarrassing things I've seen a major artist do. I think on the European leg they played instruments as well which kind of explained the discrepancies in skill level, but when I saw them on the US leg they were just dancing and it was very bad.
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  11. Her voice sounds immaculate. Saw her on Monday in Seattle and I was blown away with how effortless it is for her.

    I cried a lil during I Am Not A Robot thinking back to my first Marina concert for the Burger Queen Tour and how much we’ve both grown. It’s nice to have her as a check-in point every so often.
  12. She's been giving Maddy from Euphoria for a while now with these lewks. Queen.
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  13. About the setlist: she’s switching Handmade Heaven and Highly Emotional People for Pink Convertible and To Be Human on some dates.

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  14. Happy Being A Loner gets so much play from me lately... a song! For me as good as her goodies like I'm A Ruin and Lies etc.
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  15. I got both the emerald and clear vinyl of Ancient Dreams today. Nothing spectacular, but I’m quite happy with the £19 I paid for each where most other pop girls are happy to add another £10 on.
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  16. She ended with Primadonna tonight yes GOD
  17. Not this being back in the top 20 midweeks in the U.K. 84 years after it was released.
  18. It's because of the vinyl dispatch. Again, it would've been an easy top 10, probable top 5 if they had the physicals ready in time back when it was originally released.
  19. Adele and Ed Sheeran I'll get you!
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