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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. When was the album out? June? It's the biggest delay in vinyls I can recall, we are in March now!
  2. Maybe we get another nft queen, according to twitter

  3. Yesterday in Argentina. Crazy.
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  4. She is the moment in Brazil after shouting FUCK BOLSONARO the same day with Pabllo Vittar and is now being cited in a lawsuit against Lollapalooza to censor artists from political demonstrations at concerts

  5. This entire festivals leg of the tour looks insane and it seems to be giving her so much life. So good to see after how burned out she got touring Froot.

    And of course she's serving.
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  6. Obviously nothing can top those first three albums, but she really did return to form with this album. I know lyrically it's on the nose, but that's her isn't it? She injected the tongue-in-cheek attitude back in that was sorely missed on Love + Fear.
  7. Agree - I've returned to this album a lot. Even the bonus deluxe tracks have been worthwhile additions for me, shame they didn't get a physical release.
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  8. The lyrics are definitely lazy on this album. I feel like she didn't the effort to really think them through like she did on her first three albums. That's where the clumsiness and blatant cliches come from. Not making the effort to really work on the constructions of the lines and the ideas contained within them. New America is one of the laziest political songs I have ever heard. Not even a drop of nuance. Of course she's never been good at political songs, but at least she wisely keeps Savages general and universal enough to not be embarrassing (I'm also biased in that I just love the energy of that song).
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