Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

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Wouldn't be a Marina era without a slew of leaks

Eternity (Final)

L+F outtakes
Water Under the Bridge (2 versions)
Absent Love
Demons & Angels (2 versions)
There's also a demo with ALMA of her song "Stay All Night", as well as a snippet of a song called "Sway with Me" (which might surface soon).

Must give a listen to all of these, they seem interesting.
Some of those demos are a little rough, but they have ten times the personality of many LOATHE + FLOP tracks. Demons & Angels does wonderful at encapsulating that love/fear dichotomy that she was going for, so I’m not really sure why she left it off.
Marina every time she hits the tweet button

"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gon love somebody else?"
It's just funny coming from someone studying psychology. Like, a lot of people give a tremendous amount to others or toxic partners at their lowest because they can't recognize their own worth.

It's a basic tweet and doesn't warrant such a reaction, but I just..
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