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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. That postcard alone ended L+F already
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  2. Love + Fear is genuinely one of the worst albums I’ve ever listened to, so to say my expectations for this are low would be an understatement.
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  3. I never really recovered from Love + Fear. Marina PTSD is real!
  4. November 18th
    Man’s World

    Happy for a Wednesday release since it’s sooner!
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  5. She looks great. That font, however...
  6. Beautiful picture!
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  7. The title is giving me Savages-esque lyrics and I don't think I'm ready to see everybody dragging them through the mud nn.
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  8. According to the ghouls at atrl, the song was produced by Jennifer Decilveo (Bat for Lashes, Beth Ditto, Ryn Weaver).
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  9. She looks incredible. I'm not filled with much hope going into this new album but I like that she's moving on relatively quickly after Love + Fear.
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  10. Nice to see her actually making good on that claimed desire to work more with women.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's nice artwork but this has to be better than Love + Fear, got to be got to be.
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  12. They’re not credited as working on Love + Fear, after a quick check. Let’s celebrate that, etc.
  13. I have faith.

  15. Tapping back into the goofier side of her aesthetic. It’s a yes from me.
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  16. Please no
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  17. The same Marina who unironically used the hashtag ‘Not All Men’ a couple months ago? I’m...nervous.
  18. The last song I played from the album recently was Superstar once in the summer, but I'm cautiously here for this
  19. I mean, I know the album wasn’t anywhere near as good as her previous albums, but there were still a few gems on Love + Fear!
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  20. Seeing Jenn's name has me somewhat perched. Another of these please, Jenn:

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