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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. The title has me worried that the song is going to be in the same vein as her very thin attempts at political/social commentary...but we shall see.
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  2. I'm fully prepared to hear something as abysmal as "To Be Human," but if it's anything as lyrically competent and sonically great like "Savages," I'll be looking at the pieces of my shredded stan card with contemplation and some clear tape.
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  3. Ok I'm conflicted....
    edit: ok it does sound good but I want verses
    It's been posted like 40 minutes ago and didn't see it anywhere dd
  4. Every Marina song kind of sounds the same, doesn't it?
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  5. Mehrina carrying on down the live laugh love wine mum bullshit from the last album is it.
  6. My main complaint wasn't even the lyrics on Love + Fear, it was how it was completely devoid of her personality and production quirks. We know based on the demos that any bit of her got sanded away by the people she worked with to the point it became retail store music. I mean... the demo of You > the album version
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  7. Color me intrigued
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  8. Only the ones that have this damn piano chord progression.
  9. ddddd I was going to say, it sounds like a Marina song...

    Generic platitude about global warming + generic platitude about feminism + some piano + stacked vocals... voila!
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  10. I hate men so lemme get perched!
  11. New HQ profile picture

  12. I'm loving this 'Greek goddess with a twist' look she's going for.
  13. Yeah, the visuals looking more promising than the snippet so far. But I'll hold out and hope for the best.

    I just want Radioactive 2.0 please
  14. The visuals are very "Pounland Florence but in pink" but at least it's something, compared to the L+F art direction.
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  15. A Froot outtake called Saviour leaked earlier

  16. RMK


    Too early to tell, but this does sound like Marina through and through. Handmade Heaven had that same vibe, and then the album was... That. Something tells me the underperformance got to her last time around, though.

    This is a much quicker follow up than I expected.
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  17. I am a noted Love + Fear apologist, but damn, that artwork. What a snooze.
  19. Cautiously perched after seeing the artwork.
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