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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. I think the number of listeners on Spotify is specific to an artist?
  2. It is, but just that especific MARINA name we have her, that spanish one (just found out that she is even bigger, and from warner music too ddd), the brazilian one, etc. tags are being a mess, even with her record label trying to put her on one single page.
  3. That Froot MARINA looks familiar!
  4. Hmm...the idea of Marina singing about how the planet will also heal as much as we will as individuals as long as we call out all the ways our system (and ourselves) are fucked up, feels relevant and very her? Like, yes, the lyrics are a disastrous mix of problematic, lacking any notion of eloquence, and well, outright ugly as fuck (especially since they don't flow at all paired with those melodies), but I think the direction she's taking has its merits regardless, especially when she ties to the witches theme. Does she deserve a sticker when only half the effort is there? Not sure, but I definitely think it's worth pointing out.
    I had the same issue with the criticism regarding Live Your Life/To Be Human.
    Sonically, I love both songs we've heard so far as a direction. I only listened to the previous song once or twice and don't expect to return to Poison much more than that.
  5. tea


    This seems like a good time to promote some activism music excellence

  6. I don't think this is correct as MARINA's page is solely her releases and the monthly listeners are derived from the plays on songs listed on the page for the unique artist.

    The display names are the same but each page has its own unique identifier, especially in the last few years where Spotify has been trying to solve this issue where people's songs end up merged onto one page. The issue where multiple artists appear on the same page is because of label oversight, but only Marina's music is attributed to her page.
  7. I can typically bop and acknowledge bad lyrics but I think the one criticism being underplayed (though mentioned in this very thread at least once) is the recycling of melodies. Which she has been doing since Froot.
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  8. I’ve listened to Purge the Poison a few times and while it’s a bop I’m honestly sick of hearing “hot takes” about the United States and American culture from people who didn’t grow up here. She really lacks any kind of nuance and understanding in her lyrics. “God forgive America for every single war” - sis, you’re literally British. I’m sure New America will be a mess for this reason.

    Anyway, stream Americans by Janelle Monáe.

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  9. Americans is so fucking good.
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  10. I really don't think this song is any better than the material from Love+Fear. I wouldn't use this in any circumstance whereas there are a couple Love+Fear songs that I think are kind of nice even if they didn't really have any longevity for me.
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  11. I listened to FROOT for the first time in about 6 months and although Better Than That has aged badly both lyrically and musically, the rest are still stone-cold bops. Especially this which I'm re-obsessed with-

  12. Unfortunately it's tabbed by most people as the "worst" song on the album, which is false.
  13. I’m a proud “Gold” apologist, yup!
  14. Gold is beautiful and has some of my favorite lyrics she’s ever written.
  15. Gold is a nice song, certainly not the worst on Froot. That said, my least favorites on the album seem to be fan favorites.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The pure joy of Blue, the heartache of I'm A Ruin, the groove of its title track - a trifecta of talent that just won't get old.
  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    So here for any Gold fanfare, it’s supremely underrated.
  18. Gold lyric/message is interesting and well done (something she’s lacking recently). Too bad musically it just plods along. Ghost-rina is polarizing.
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  19. I had no idea "Gold" was disliked. Easily one of the better FROOT tracks.
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  20. Sam


    Better Than That’s middle eight is her career defining moment for me and I will speak on it
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