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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Gold is easily one of the best Marina songs period. Especially in relation to her journey from her debut to Froot. Ugh the satisfying trinity of those releases and their themes. If only she used the title track and not Savages for her inspiration moving forward
  2. I think Savages is the worst song on Froot. It's followed closely by Weeds, which has great verses but that chorus... she was right for never playing that one.
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  3. “Immortal” really arrived at a time in my life where I needed it the most (due to a loved one passing unexpectedly earlier in 2014), so I will always view that song through rose-colored glasses.
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  4. Better Than That is the easily the worst song on Froot. The lyrics are problematic trash IMO and are a blemish on an otherwise classy and elegant record.
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  5. "Savages" is worse. It is a little annoying she continues to mine this sort of "socially conscious" material and be so boring with it. I haven't played "Purge the Poison" very much at all.
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  6. He


    Savages ruined her career.
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  7. I see the criticisms toward Savages. It does feel like the precursor to her downfall in some ways. But sonically it's a banger and it has momentum and urgency for days. And it's certainly leagues ahead of "Purge the Poison," which is just not a good song.
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  8. I feel that Marina could do a good political song if she wasn't so content with her trite generalities about the world. She's shown that she can dig deep and put forth a unique perspective, but she's at her absolute worst when she's comfortable. Even if she's personally happy, would it hurt her to push herself a little bit artistically? And maybe, IDK, explore politics instead of sounding like slightly drunk college students who think their surface level ideas about what's wrong with the world are deep.
  9. Speaking of FROOT, I've been listening to Forget on loop for a couple of weeks and I must say that it's amazing.
  10. Weeds is the one I truly struggle to listen to. That chorus... A sign of things to come.
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  11. The way her back cat keeps on getting flowers I think doing a smart Greatest Hits for her next would make a lot of sense.
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  12. oh COME ON NOW
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  13. Yes! Extremely underrated song within Marina's back cat. That run of Froot / I'm a Ruin / Blue / Forget is so iconic. Honestly four very hard 10s.

    Forget has a really interesting to lyrical approach to the idea of being hung up on past mistakes but trusting that you'll get where you need to be if you stop tripping yourself up on regret.

    I've been dancing with the devil
    I love that he pretends to care
    If I'll ever get to heaven
    When a million dollars gets you there
    All the time that I have wasted
    Chasing rabbits down a hole
    When I was born to be a tortoise,
    I was born to walk alone


    I'll save my essay on why Blue is the best song of her career for another post.
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  14. He


    Oh, it’s true, it’s true.
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  15. I really, really like Weeds and the disdain for it on here has never made a whole lot of sense to me.
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  16. Another week has gone by and I actively hate Purge The Poison now nn. I really enjoyed it on release day but I'm not able to ignore those lyrics anymore. I'm very sad.
  17. I think all of the songs on FROOT are home runs, but Weeds and Savages are murky waters where the pace of the rest of the album had built up is disrupted a bit. I still return to them though.
  18. Savages has never been a major highlight for me but knowing in retrospect that it would lead to these other poor attempts at political commentary, I like it less now nn.
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  19. It's the final chorus in Blue for me

  20. She’s a “millionaire” didn’t you know
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