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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. Saviour is a...really pretty track. The lyrics are gorgeous, it’s just the production that lets it down.
  2. A man hating song???? oh no!
  3. I’m loving the snippets honestly. It does found familiar, it’s giving some shades of Teen Idle in particular, but that is certainly not a bad thing in my book. We’ll see if the lyrics are decent...
  4. I'm just glad there isn't another 4 year wait.

    The snippet sounds OK but it doesn't really sound like she's moved on from L+F... and I say that as one of the few that didn't completely hate that album. Hopefully the full song is good.
  5. I will always defend ‘Superstar’ as the strongest offering from ‘Love + Fear’.

    Also, I can’t be the only person who thinks her lower register has a very similar tone to Dua Lipa. Get on a collab!
  6. Superstar wasn’t my favourite but I think it’s a decent song lyrically and she sounds amazing but it wasn’t enough to salvage the production. The Acoustic version is better in my opinion.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I wish Love and Fear didn't inspire so much concern over a new single. I just hope the production isn't all washed out and generic this time around.
  9. From what it sounds... it's Marina on autopilot. Handmade Heaven 2 incoming!
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  10. She can be on autopilot for the rest of her life and release Handmade Heaven 3 4 5 6 7 8 till infinity, I'm ok with that. Handmade Heaven is a great song, chiiiiiiiillll
  11. This is a lot for a song that does very little.
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  12. I was about to write that I do get my white woman life to Handmade Heaven and... I realized I don't remember how it goes? Sorcery. Let me throw a stream her way.
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  13. The real magic is in the Numb/Teen Idle/Buy The Stars trilogy.
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  14. Handmade Heaven remains trash, as it was on arrival.
    Like, good on her that she can sing about how pretty nature can be over an auto-pilot melody, I guess?
  15. Handmade Heaven could blend in seamlessly on Froot, which is a criticism because it shows a lack of progression, but also a compliment because Froot is an amazing album.
  16. Handmade Heaven already exists on Froot, it's called Solitaire.
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  17. Am I genuinely the only person who quite enjoyed Love + Fear? It's by no means my favorite of Marina's but not my least. But then again 2019 didn't have much in terms of great releases for me so maybe its the best of a bad bunch? Handmade Heaven is top 3 Marina for me.
  18. The criticisms of some of the lyrics (and her...choice wording when it came to mental health in interviews) during Love + Fear were justified and understandable, but I do think a lot was done about how “awful” it was - she had huge expectations to live up to coming off the back of FROOT, which also didn’t help
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