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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. And the way the video puts an early fade out over it\the outro to save like 3 seconds of footage ~<3
    On a random note, always LOATHED every single music video of hers when they tried to cut the songs short. Blue is not bad but the way Froot and Power & Control were just... cut.


    I think Savages at least had an attempt of metaphor, or "~figurative language", that she's just lacking for now. It reminds me of a Gaga quote, around Born This Way release, about "Not covering the subject with metaphors or anything, just go for it" and it's like Marina heard that years later and ran with it.

    She always thrived with some poetic license, don't matter how clunky it would sound, it worked most of the time. When you listen to something like Teen Idle and all its melodrama... what the fuck is "I want blood, guts and angel cake". Of course it's almost gibberish, but it feels enough to build up that atmosphere. It's also a very "specific" line, over a personal subject. It's fine.

    Now, she's literally trying to cosplay mother earth and "we're witches!" without any sort of... *wink*. It's preachy and old at same time. There's absolutely nothing new in her message, and she could at least try to not sound like "the real truth teller".

    "Oh dear. Your new album is called Froot. Why is it spelt wrong?
    I just liked the way it looked. I didn’t want it to be the traditional spelling because I thought it looked too serious. I like merging the natural with the synthetic. [...] But also the great thing was that when we came to doing the logo it looked better because the “O”s could interlink."

    Where is she??
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  2. Is that a screenshot of a new lyric video on her Instagram stories?
  3. I love Gaga but she’s not the first to write literal lyrics. Odd to suggest Marina took the concept and ran when she has expressed her annoyance at being compared to Gaga and other female artists of her era.
  4. I'm pretty sure it the "it's like she heard that years later and ran with it" part was not meant to be taken literally...
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  5. No but it suggests it was an original concept that she later adopted.
  6. They literally said it reminds them of a particular quote, not some assertion that Stefani Germanotta invented straightforward lyricism. It’s a weird point to pick apart out of a post that’s talking about larger trends in Marina’s writing using a reference from another pop star that we’re all familiar with. It’s just...not that deep?
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  7. Yeah I agree it’s not that deep, in the slightest really, Marina has been getting a hard time on here since Love + Fear (I’ve questioned it myself) and I just felt suggesting she’s changed her songwriting ability over a quote from 2011 is a bit meh, but honestly, it is what it is.
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  8. Purely because Marina loves weird album release patterns (re: FROOT of the month, The Archetypes *shudder*) I have a hunch this album is like, the first of a pair of releases or something (cue the cries of "please no one is bad enough!!!!1!!") and she's gonna call the second one Modern Dreams in an Ancient Land or something ddddd
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  9. I think considering Marina's best output was released between 2012 - 2015, nobody is seriously saying she's changing her artistic output based on quotes from a 2011 campaign.
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  10. Nn not Savages and Weeds being the only Froot tracks outside the singles I listen to.
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  11. How is Family Jewel generally regarded in her back catalogue? I assumed it was up there with Electra and Froot, but this could be because I’ve got an emotional attachment to that album as I was obsessed from the moment I heard Hollywood back in 2010.
  12. I only "use" about five songs from each of her albums (discounting Love And Fear, which I've never actually listened to)

    She may just be one of those popstars where I like the idea better than the execution.
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  13. Forget's chorus is the worse in the album for me. She had a lot of songs by that point that are more insightful about her state of mind and/or more self-aware, while also having much more fun/interesting choruses. I also find it incredibly unconvincing. Surely you'd have something more to say about moving on (rather than repeating it ad nauseam like you are trying to convince yourself about it) if you really believed you were ready to do it? It sounds incredibly depressive to me.

    Along with Savages, it is the only other song I don't use from the album, and both were signs that she couldn't really tell when there is actual nuance in what she's put in her songs or just in the idea she has in her head about them. (I guess you could say the same for Electra Heart's title track which is literally drivel, but I always thought that this was the reason why it was cut/not completed in time.)

    The chorus of Weeds manages to solidify the sense of wistfulness that the song carries, I find it extremely complementary of the vibe the song tries to convey. I love how cathartic if feels.

    During this bit I was trying to figure out which of her cats that was supposed to be.
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  14. This is literally why the chorus repetition is effective though: she is trying to convince herself as she's in the midst of a depressive episode where all she can do is hope to wipe those thoughts from her mind. Sometimes when you're in that mental state you can't see past it and I think the repetition perfectly conveys that sense of helplessness, further emphasized by that exceptional bridge. I find it convincing because it comes across as genuine.
  15. But really is as bleak as I find it to be? ddd
    I guess intentionally unpleasant is far better than unintentionally though, no doubt.
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  16. I don't find it bleak. It's just like a note to self - sometimes you have to learn to forget about it, it's all there in the final line.
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  17. I believe that fans think too much about a song, sometimes maybe… the artist enjoys how the instrumental sounds along with a specific line, there's nothing too mysterious as it seems… and in the meantime, fans forget to enjoy the music because of it
  18. I think Forget has a propulsive energy. I love it.
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  19. I just know this is about to take the mess to another level.

    edit: Any Russian sis?
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