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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Dddd this is the tea. It's very Australia's Channel 10... or something.

    I love the logo/typeface actually but the rest is a disaster.
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  2. It's concerning that she can't do anything right these days for a demographic that is usually so easily impressed

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  3. Just the side venture everyone on PJ wanted from Merna!
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  4. I know when I want to listen to in-depth discussions about psychology, I go to pop stars!
  5. The use of the “+” is giving me flashbacks…
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  6. Sounds like she’s the interviewer instead of the interviewee here. Better!
  7. Yeah, I don't see the problem here. I'm not going to listen to it but she's actually bothered to get a professional in to discuss the subject with. She isn't professing to be an expert and obviously she has direct first hand knowledge of stan culture she can bring to the discussion.
  8. I... I've lost all interest in this album campaign to be completely honest. I've been a huge Marina fan since the beginning and learnt to love her, flaws and all. But nothing in this campaign is inciting any excitement or interest for me. I've tried to bond with Purge the Poison but it just isn't happening. The artwork is so tacky, I can't tell if she is intentionally going for that vibe or she really is working on a budget. I don't think Marina has a clue what her fans really want in terms of music/direction. It's such a sad decay to witness.

    It's almost like she didn't learn a thing from the last album?
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  9. This might be just a bit dramatic my love. She seems as dedicated as ever, maybe it's just not your thing this time around and that's okay? There might be something on the album that's perfect for you
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing the album off. I might indeed end up loving it. I think it's just frustrating for fans when we know Marina can give so much more? The evidence is there with albums 1 to 3. I'm trying to figure out what she is actually trying to give us with this album.
  11. I don't think it's dramatic at all. Everything this era has been low quality. The lyrics to Purge the Poison are almost insultingly bad.
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  12. OK... but knowing that she (or her team) reads the forrem has me kind of on edge about listening to this? ñññ
  13. Sorry if it came across weird or patronising, I just mean that it sounds like you just don't like the artwork and te first single but that's totally normal? I guess it is a bit of a shame to go from loving everything an artist has done to having to cherry pick, but I don't think Marina is doing anything different to what she's done before and I think the artwork is thematically strong and consistent
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  14. Wait, how do we know that? Off the top of my head I only remember Gaga and Slayyyter mentioning it. And then that Kylie post dd
  15. This argument doesn't really hold water. It's like you're trying to position the thread as hating Marina just for the sake of it when in actuality... many people have legitimate grievance with the material.

    I adored the first 3 albums. I tried so hard with Love + Fear that it was my most played album of that year. But the new stuff, thus far, has felt to me like a pale imitation of what preceded it.
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  16. Well that'd explain the question about why fanbases turn snarky...
  17. It's actually not normal for me. Usually, when I like an era and an album, the lead single is usually good. I'm not a big believer in the idea that albums tend to transcend their lead singles. I think the opposite is true with a few exceptions.Typically the music released before an album says something about that album. To me, the material and artwork show three things: a) Marina has not regained her skills with the pen (which, despite some gripes with her, were quite strong) and b) Marina has not regained her taste and c) Marina still has nothing even remotely insightful to say about society.

    Before Love+Fear came out, I swore up and down that Handmade Heaven was an ominous indicator of the album's quality. It's not even a bad song per se (it's much better than Purge the Poison and Man's World) but you could sense the creative bankruptcy. You could hear how much it aped her previous style. You could hear the lack of progression. I thought, "There's no way she's in a good creative space for the course of a whole album if she thinks Handmade Heaven is a good first taste of what's in store." Turns out I was right. Love+Fear is creatively bankrupt, just as Handmade Heaven indicated. My point being that you can't just say "oh, you just don't like the first single!"

    In the same vein, I find that albums that turn out good usually tend to have decent cover art. To me, if Marina thinks the images from these era are good, her judgment and taste is still pretty flawed.

    Another thing: I am so sick of the way her melodies sound. It was novel at first, but they are so shamelessly recycled. I just re-listened to Man's World to see if I still think it's shit (I do). I remembered instantly why I hated it: the lyrics are wordy, clumsy, and annoying, but it's still not the absolute mauling of the English language that Purge the Poison is. It's the Marina song generator sounding melodies that kill it on arrival. Marina really needs to find a new way to sing because her vocal mannerisms are completely reproducing her melodies. Shit's getting old.
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  18. I don't get what they're trying with the artworks but I don't think it's bad or lowbudget at all. It actually looks well done (in my eyes), especially the Purge the Poison one (that should have been the album cover but whatever). Man's World and its papercut font felt like budget. The title track one is just a little awkward because of the whole name trying to fit in a... white shirt.

    In some other news I find it a kii how she goes "I don't read replies on twitter anymore!" and stuff like that but she's always reading her Instagram comments dd


    I really think there will be a deluxe coming really soon this time around, which would explain like... the lack of Vinyl.
  19. Yeah, I thought the same too, but Twitter really is a different beast to other social media in terms of the negativity it breeds. Obviously, there’s negativity on all social media, but Twitter is just insane.
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  20. I liked the last two songs (and the concept so far), it’s not something that excites me as much as the first 3 albums, but it’s still a new album from her. I think that this excitement for a new album by an artist just doesn't hit me as strongly these days for several reasons (maybe because i'm a adult now, we recent lived terrible moments in our lives as we know, among other things) and this may justify why I am not with such a strong excitement this time. But I am really interested in the new album, and I am happy that she is still making music regardless of so many negative reviews.
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