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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. The clip is giving me slight upbeat Goldfrapp vibes.
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  2. The first thing I thought of was “Strict Machine.” Our minds.
  3. OH she's fun.
  4. You know what? It does sound like she's listened to some of the L+F backlash and tried to reincorporate some of her older sounds into this record. I'm...perched. A bit.
  5. The way she delivers “I am not my body, not my mind or my brain” is so Electra Heart.
  6. The clip is still a big hmmm for me but I'll let y'all be positive for once.
  7. One more evidence that it's kind of a follow up from Her 2 first album!!
  8. The Froot erasure ain't it
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It’s giving me Muse
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  10. I hate how much I used to love this song.
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  11. Ecl*pse reviewed the album.

    The half-Welsh half-Greek singer-songwriter MARINA is back with a brand new record 'Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land'.

    Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
    The album starts with the title track which is an infectious synth and drum driven banger. It packs a huge punch, it is theatrical and humorous as well. The live sounding, hard hitting drums and the retro 8-bit type synths make it seem as if it belongs to a video game with a badass female superhero or a witchy musical.

    'Venus Fly Trap' instantly sounds like a The Family Jewels outtake with the jumping piano chords as the intro, it is also the shortest song of the album at 2 minutes 38 seconds but this does not take anything away from its quality as a certified bop. "Why be a wallflower when you can be a venus fly trap?" she sings over distorted guitars, it is perhaps a more polished, better structured and less noisy 'Purge The Poison' style of fast-paced song. "I should be motherf*cking crazy, nothing in this world could change me!" It has a lot of attitude and she has something to say to those who question her financial status as she hits back with a confident and assured statement of her monetary status. She is a millionairess after all!

    Moving on, her beautiful signature falsettos shine on the chorus of 'Highly Emotional People' and the last minute of the song is packed with hard hitting kick drums changing the pace a little bit on an otherwise classic Marina piano ballad. It is reminiscent of her previous ballads and feels like an emotional continuation of 'Soft To Be Strong'.

    Further down the tracklist, 'New America' sounds like a sister song to the title track - staccato strings (if I'm not mistaken) and a retro 80s vibe make it sound straight out of a Broadway musical. There is a verse of her criticising America's stealing of land and that they have blood on their hands. She is pretty much skulldragging America, calling out their lies and issues including gun usage and racism.

    'Pandora's Box' has some gorgeous strings, it is a cinematic and heartbreaking break-up ballad with a jarring chorus.

    'I Love You But I Love Me More' is quite similar to 'Man's World' with a prominent electric guitar lead, it would fit nicely on FROOT.

    The final two songs are ballads; 'Flowers' is a bit more traditional while 'Goodbye' is a different approach. The latter is about saying goodbye to her former self and welcoming a new Marina into her life. It is a dynamic song, the verses changing style every so often, with a familiar bittersweet melody.

    Although I would have loved to see just one more track on the tracklist, there is a chance that she is planning to release more songs during this album cycle. 'Pink Convertible' is finished and ready for release, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up about 'Happy Loner'. Meanwhile, the production on the album is rich without being overbearing. It dips into the alternative rock-pop sound but ever so slightly with a theatrical twist. It's the opposite of the minimalist style she approached with Love + Fear. It's often on the nose - self aware mixed with a bit of Broadway. She took the best parts of her previous albums, especially FROOT and The Family Jewels while combining them with a fresh mindset. The raw, live drums of FROOT (thankfully no trap style percussion from what I've heard), the piano of The Family Jewels and improving the commentary she embarked on Love + Fear. The entire album feels like a musical or that it's written for a comic book story and Marina is the main character. There is so much personality and passion, things that most fans felt like were missing for a while. She completely owned the 80s colourful and synth style with a modern take. Although she lost me a little bit during the final two songs, they are only slightly less impressive but still consistent with the overall quality. Those who don't enjoy her on-the-nose political or social commentary, this record has a lot of that but I would say compared to her previous album, she has at least got her humour and edge back. Not to mention the great vocals and delicious production choices all wrapped up in the 80s Wonder Woman fantasy offering a 10 track concise gorgeous album.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I cannot wait for this nn. It's performance art.
  15. I just listened the teaser with my mom near me, and she said "this sounds like a song you used to hear" and started to humming Britney Spears' Womanizer
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  16. For someone who's so financially secure, it seems pretty insecure of her to remind us so much.
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  17. I was about to say that the only way is up but then Purge The Poison started to play on YouTube. *sigh*
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  18. I love when "This sounds like it'd fit on FROOT" or "The Family Jewels" gets a shout out.
    Meanwhile us Electra Heart fans are never going to get Radioactive Part 2 and just have to deal.
    Way more excited to hear this than Love + Fear though
  19. Lyrics are on Genius and they don’t look too dire!
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