Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

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But then again 2019

The album was released last year?

2019 was last year?

2020 really ruined me my perception of time.

Love + Fear was my most played album of 2019. It was Marina on autopilot (and like... to a reasonably shitty destination) but it was still reasonably enjoyable once I let go of my expectations.

She seems to be correcting on all the sonic mistakes she made with Love + Fear: this time writing the majority of it by herself and presumably having less sanitised, Spotify-playlist-oriented production. I just worry about some of the lyrical takes given that she seems to struggle with extrospection.

I think the latter issue has soured a lot of already pretty negative takes on the album/era. It really wasn't that bad (although it goes without saying, the fact that it wasn't as abysmal as it could have been doesn't make it exempt from criticism).
Love + Fear has a lot of poor writing and even the good songs are let down by extremely boring production. I still kinda use this version of Karma

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Love + Fear’s background music bops are honestly so pleasant to listen to so that whole album ended up on repeat last year. It does feel like it came out about 4 years ago AND I agree with every criticism levelled at it from an artistic angle... it’s just like soothing changing room music. Showering music. Chopping vegetables music. Using all of somebody else’s towels music.
Love + Fear is fairly bland but a lot of it shamelessly bops so I enjoyed it at face value. Granted it’s nowhere near the level of the records that came before it - neither as bizarre or brilliant, but I’m still interested to see what she’s done with this one.
Love + Fear has better demos (You, Please Don't Call) than many of the tracks that made it (Orange Trees). And I think Enjoy Your Life is a cute bop that gets overly criticized.
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