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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Christine and the Queens <3
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  2. I don’t really care about the daft lyrics in Enjoy Your Life, it’s the washed out production and facelessness of it that leaves me completely cold.
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  3. This is giving me a bit of "Love+Fear in Color" but slightly better. (visually).
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  4. I genuinely know someone who think Love + Fear is her best album. And thinks Froot is her worst.
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  5. He


    Sounds very her, which I always like, but also it gives me hope for her vocals to at least be more Marina. Even that was watered down in her past album.

    I hope she doesn't try to end climate change with some platitudes.
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  6. This honestly sounds really promising to me.
  7. A huge step in the right direction.
  8. WAIT this looks / sounds promising!
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  9. That’s more like it!
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  10. Marina has always had a tendency to talk about certain issues with broad brushstrokes, from girls only wanting to talk about the calories they eat, to the idea that women only 'show their assets' because they're not religiously recognised sexually, to the whole of Savages and Love + Fear ddddd. It reached a nadir with her empty-headed last album but let's not damn the whole song if there's one or two heavy handed lines or we'd be damning a good chunk of her back catalogue.

    If the message is basically 'men run the world and are therefore responsibe for ruining the planet' I'm ok with that seeing as it's basically true.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This clip being better than the whole of the Love + Fear campaign already - maybe I’m perched.
  12. The shift to “real-sounding” instrumentation is a nice move. The antiseptic plastic synths of Love + Fear were definitely not going to fly.
  13. That 60s/70s psychedelic hippie aesthetic is nice.
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  14. R92


    C’mon cautious optimism!
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  15. I am prepared for disappointment, but that snippet sounds so good.
    I'm a sucker for her vocals
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  16. aux


    Hmm... This sounds like it could genuinely be good.

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  17. Everything is reading as Bat For Lashes cosplay but I'm perched.
  18. He


    Sex Yeah was one good moment in those pseudo-analyses.

    Savages is where I think she went very wrong and thought she did something... then Love + Fear happened.

    Perched for this still, though.
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  19. Some of the lyrics leaked from a reliable source and...hmm.
    I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore, anymore
    Marilyn's bungalow, it's number seven
    In the pink palace where a man made her legend
    Owned by a sheik who killed thousands of gay men
  20. Please, be true.
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