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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. I like that it sounds « old ». It sounds like an updated more polished song that would have been on the family jewels.
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  2. Nope, because you weirdly positioned your post as "MySpace demos or Spotify bops, you gotta pick a side!".
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  3. Because at the end of the day the other songs just sound better to me, musically. I don’t care about the lyrics that much across any of the three so there’s not this huge gap for me dd
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  4. She really knows her way around a ballad. I think they’re the best tracks on the album.

    The chaotic nature of the upbeat tracks is something I love about them. Especially Purge the Poison.

    Overall, a great album. A much more worthy follow up to Froot than that other one was.
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  5. Not postage only being £2 when I ordered the green and clear vinyls from her webstore.
  6. Just heard the album and it's really good. The production is so vivid compared to "LOVE + FEAR" and full of great (and sometimes chaotic) flourishes that echo to "The Family Jewels" era.
    And, whew, "New America" and "I Love You but I Love Me More" are such bangers and reminiscent of her early work - the former especially sounds like an updated "The Family Jewels" track, drama and all, and I absolutely love it.
  7. Purge the Poison sounds like "Peter picked a pickled pepper" to me
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  8. This is quite impressive for her standards and the album isn't even released yet.

    Album: Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

    Apple Music:
    #28 United Kingdom (+118)
    #144 United States (+326)
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  9. There are two truly fantastic songs on here, Highly Emotional People and Goodbye, which is two more than Love + Fear ever had. Venus Fly Trap is pretty good as well. Not warming to the rest yet, unfortunately.
  10. Man's World is going to have more streams than Handmade Heaven by this time next week. Comeback era confirmed!
  11. The way this campaign is just eradicating love + fear from existence. Righteous.
  12. Goodbye gets me so in my feelings. Tried to reconnect with an ex that I can't move past and it's not going my way.
  13. Why was this not the cover? It irks me that they picked the worst of the three photos we've seen of this look.
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  14. NME gave this 4/5. Critics definitely seem to be digging her this compared to Love + Fear which got trashed nn. I know she's always low key craved critical acclaim so... !
  15. Luc


    Anyone got a Shipping Confirmation from her Official Store?
  16. Fuck i really love this album nn. I will admit i was waiting for to be convinced by her but still, while it is nothing new im glad to have a record that i can put beside The Family Jewels and Froot which were so important to me.

    Favorites are

    Ancient Dreams
    Venus Fly Trap
    I Love You But I Love Me More

    and i really like Pandora's Box as well. I am happy.
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  17. I may have to make an album cover out of this. Between the awful font and her disproportionately long fingers on her right hand, the actual cover will ruin my listening experience!
  18. Listening now Venus Fly Trap has really snuck its way up there to become an instant fave Marina track. It is so catchy, it has only been out a day basically and I know every word.
  19. Is it fair to say that all Marina songs sound very similar across all her albums? Or at least her last 3... I have a friend that always gets angry at me when I say that, and I understand why nn, but I genuinely feel like you could interchange songs in her albums and I wouldn't bat an eye...

    I guess the same could be said for other artists, but I feel it stands out so much with her... like I'm sure I've heard her lift the exact same melody from a past album's track and put it in a new one.
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  20. I think I get you, there are some specific things that she relies a lot on that go a bit beyond the signature sound nn That one melody from Numb that she used on Buy the Stars, I think, etc.
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