Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

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Sonically, this might be her most interesting album. The melodies are good (though some of the ballads tread very familiar territory), the production is incredibly sharp and sounds like a natural evolution of both The Family Jewels and Froot while also managing to bring something new and fresh for her.

Lyrically, though

I just feel…so disconnected to her. From 2011-2013 she was my everything. The thing is, I don’t even want her to go back to that sound. I love FROOT, I even enjoy a lot of Love + Fear in all its TJ Maxx glory.

If she wants to make a statement about politics she should. I just really don’t resonate with a lot of these lyrics and find them quite cringe. The visuals are stunning, I just don’t really know where to go beyond this. It feels like the Melanie Martinez or Halsey music I would cringe at.

I really love her and wish her the best. I don’t even want her to change. I’m just really sad it doesn’t speak to me.
Definitely agree with the Goodbye love. It might be the only thing I take from this album. I will echo that sometimes, her songs all kind of blend together. I think Froot and Electra Heart had the most variation between tracks.
I realize nobody cares about my opinions but I *try* to be more present here so humor me.

This album is cute (and a step-up from L+F!) but it’s just there, maybe I’ll add some tracks to my playlist but that’s it.

Marina (and the Diamonds) peaked with her first three albums, anything she releases from now on will be a nice addition to my music library but she will never release another masterpiece like The Family Jewels and FROOT.
Marina is probably the only artist I’d dig an album full of ballads from. I like the album! About half of it is very good, the other half is shaky but good bar Purge the Poison which is the only song I actively dislike.
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