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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Just had a thought, I wonder if the relative lack of UK dates for the tour is because she's planning another leg with an Electra Heart anniversary slant?
  2. Does anyone know what time in GMT today's concert broadcast starts at? I'm not sure from the ticket!
  3. It's always so sad when the full album is being performed and one random track is missing.
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  4. True. But when you know an album is this great, you want to see it doing well.
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  5. This will be her first album not to go top 10 in the UK, won't it?
  6. Listening to the new tracks and the album really sounds like it's divided in two halves, Side A is bops and Side B ballads. It sound better than L+F but I'll need to some time to form an opinion on this.

    In the meantime, I made an album artwork using the picture I liked more from the photoshoot. The official one still looks kinda awkward to me.

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  7. I also find the melodies to be really trite, particularly on the ballads but the uptempo melodies also have a strong sense of been there, done that. She has a melodic style that she leans into way too easily. It's so blatant that it's grating.

    In general, I find that Marina's lack of challenging herself is the biggest flaw of her artistry post-Froot. And while I can understand the potential reasons for this, it doesn't make for a compelling listen.
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  8. This should have been the cover.
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  9. The melody in the chorus of New America sounds completely recycled from old songs of hers. It’s the worst song on the album for me (along with Purge The Poison).
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  10. I love this
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  11. I find it hard to believe someone could listen to MARINA and actively think she’s a bad vocalist?! Like everything else fair enough her lyrics are shaky (or clunky as we all know) and the production might not be to your taste but her voice is flawless.
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  12. Her voice is amazing and sounds the best it ever has on this album but it also kind of infuses a high degree of sameness into her work. I genuinely think that if she did something a little different vocally, the melodies would start to feel like they had more variety. Unlike a lot of vocalists, her voice really does impose itself upon the melodies.
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  13. I thought it was strange she was missing cities that she normally does every tour. No Glasgow date was a disappointment as travelling to Edinburgh and back on the same day is a bit of a pain all whilst being during the working week.

    On another note - Goodbye is stunning. I sobbed.

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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A banger. Scream at her kind of winning me back with this album? Who knew.
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  15. OK wait the live arrangement of Froot here is a damn serve
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  16. Marina is an excellent live vocalist. I saw her live and I was impressed by the power, control, and range she had. And the cool album-themed backdrops were extremely fun.

    That being said, it kind of didn't help that her opener was Christine and the Queens, who was more compelling as a performer. And the crowd was mostly young teenagers and their moms, weirdly enough. I was happy to see the youth has such good taste but the energy was weird haha. They didn't seem to be that connected to Marina as an artist or really that excited to be there.

    Also, the track Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land is a massive grower and is probably my third favorite track on the album after Goodbye and Flowers. It's not a patch on the majority of the Diamonds trilogy but it is quite a bit more enjoyable than some of the weaker moments on those albums.
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  17. Does it bother anyone else that the piano in her songs is always the exact same "style"?
    I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly as I'm not super well versed in music technicalities, but I don't just mean the familiar chord progressions, I mean the... type (?) of piano sound itself. It's always that same slightly honky-tonky, theatrical la-di-da sounding piano, never a "pop" or "classical" one, etc.
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  18. I can't explain it well either but I totally know what you mean.
  19. Do the melodies in Goodbye remind anyone else of I'm Not Hungry Anymore? Still pissed she never uploaded it to streaming like she said. Truly one of her best.
  20. Double post but I'm living for how happy the queen playing the keyboards is during every performance of the desert show. We stan.
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