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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Sam


    The presale code being PANDORASBOX

    @marina grow up
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  2. I don't know why I find this so funny but this will live rent-free in my mind forever
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  3. Alpha Hits midweeks (Friday-Saturday)

    Sales #8
    SPS not in top 50

    #8 in Los Angeles
    #16 in New York
  4. These city specific charts sound made up but slay queen!
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  5. UK midweeks
    8 MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land *
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  6. Nn sorry but I really don't care about the midweek position or overall chart position, nor is it indicative of the album's quality. She's not really the kind of artist you expect to be #1 around the world or in a tight race for that spot.
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  7. Chart talk is so exhausting. It literally doesn't matter.
  8. I’ve not seen a single person claim that the charts do matter? They’re simply relaying the facts.
  9. #8 is actually pretty alright without a vinyl? I'm sure it will slip but doesn't seem like a disaster and it'll get a bump in... 9 months. Oop.
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  10. The moment I ordered and realised it’ll be arriving on my birthday next year was pretty daunting.
  11. She said in an interview with Vulture that Froot (song) is probably one of her best in terms of songwriting and melody work. Taste.
  12. Highly Emotional People sounds like the love child of Florence and Aurora. Not mad at it.
  13. They aired the Desert perf of Venus Fly Trap in Seth Meyers last night.

    Thrifty promo queen.
  14. Why they didn't synchronise the vinyl release, sure it will cost her the top 10 boo.
  15. I just think the roll out was so not thought through.

    They should've launched the era with the title track, sync the vinyl release and drop Man's World as the focus song during the album's release period. Purge the Poison with a nice feature afterwards.... and variants / bundles sis! The current ones are so meh.
  16. There's an unusually long backlog for vinyl production right? That can't help matters.
  17. I listened to this once and haven't wanted to listen to it again yet. That's troubling to me.
  18. On my play through today it felt like a really complete, well sequenced body of work for the first time. Give it a few more goes sis!

    Goodbye is truly the album's crowning glory.
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