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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. This post reminded me to go buy tickets. See you in Seattle Ancient Dreamers.
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  2. She filled up the Paramount pretty decently last time so I hope she can again!
  3. After living with it for a little while, I can say it is a great album. My only real complaint are some specific lyrical clunkers (the gay men line, for example), but I don't have a problem with the themes and lyrics as a whole, and the production on all the uptempo tracks is pretty much perfect. The ballads are also very touching and I she never sounded better. My least favorite is still Man's World, but it has some moments.
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  4. I really like the middle 8 on Venus Flytrap.

    Shame You.
    Blame You.
    Pretend to even hate you.
    Take away your rights, pacify you with their lies.
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  5. The review was quite a bit more positive than the score. One of the more enjoyable/agreeable write-ups in a while.
  6. They sold the MarinaZine CD format in a bundle with the regular jewel case CD to maximise first week sales, but because the MarinaZine isn’t ready yet in Europe, absolutely none of those fan preorders are counting in the charts this week as they’re refusing to send the standard CD on its own. That’s So Marina™.
  7. Streaming update because I can't be arsed working

    20.2m Man's World (+4m remixes/acoustic)
    9.6m Purge the Poison (with remix)
    4.1m Ancient Dreams
    2.3m Venus Fly Trap
    787k New America
    761k I Love You But I Love Me More
    754k Highly Emotional People
    687k Pandora's Box
    661k Flowers
    620k Goodbye

    Not sure how well L+F started but I think it's going quite well so far?
  8. How is Flowers near the bottom of this list?

    Get taste, people.
  9. #17 in the UK.
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  10. Icons only!

  11. Tragic. Sad but it is what it is.

    The album is great but I think she could have pulled a better entry if a different time and all formats available in the same week.
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  12. Sad but not entirely surprising that her (very impressive) run of consecutive U.K. top 10 albums has ended with this release.
  13. How much does one sell for a #17 debut in 2021?
  14. It seems the 'Marina-zine' copies haven't been shipped yet, and therefore won't have been counted, which is a massive own goal by the label. Clearly not bothered by chart positions as they could've shipped the CDs in advance of the 'zine.
  15. 3,412 units; that rumour about the webstore copies must be true because the last album can't have turned off that much of her fanbase.
  16. She also had vinyl with Love + Fear.

    She was 1,200 copies short of making the top 10. If they had sorted the "zine" bundles and had a vinyl prepared, she would've easily made it.
  17. I think the one thing I can appreciate from this release is her push to be more creative. The visuals have been nice, and while I feel like she lead this era with a dud it's put her back on track to let her potential grow as an artist. I read an interview she did with the New York Times and it was the first time I've heard her say that she can appreciate pushback on her music in order to grow from it. I like that she tries to make commentary but I think we can all agree it's hit or miss and needs work. At least she tries to grow from it, though I still feel like sometimes her ego blinds her from being able to look back and critique herself.

    Still bitter she hasn't addressed the "mentally ill" cop tweet.
  18. So we could have more cLuNkÿ lýRicSs to complain about????
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  19. I got mine.
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