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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Everything post Primadonna was just mainly aiming to put Marina in the US map and literally slowly killing any good will from Europe. From the cancelled Lonely Hearts Club leg to the shambolic Love+Fear campaign. Wasn’t it here in Popjustice that someone pointed at UK radio being interested in playing “Superstar” while her team just went “have some Orange Trees instead :)” ?

    Even the FOTM campaign was just missed opportunities with (amazing) music coming out left and right and then nothing happening. I’m a Ruin was the chosen “lead single” and that was the fourth release of the album (which was still 2 months away before it leaked) and she was out there making bold choices of “not releasing Blue because it’s not a huge pop top40 campaign” so… no surprise everything kept going downhill (commercially). But I do think she’s happy and really not bothering. Self Made Millionairess.
  2. Did anyone even review the album?
  3. I think the post-flop promo critique’s are often a tad misplaced. She did a worldwide live stream concert, a performance from it was aired on US TV, she’s done the podcast circuit (3 I believe vs Love + Fear’s 1), released remixes/collaborations, covered some of the smaller pop Spotify playlists, magazine editorials etc... like what else is there?

    She’s flopped largely due to issues around manufacturing/shipping physicals. If the Vinyl’s were able to ship in release week she would’ve been top 10 then disappeared - like she does every time.
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  4. Yeah the fact that she was no 6 in the sales chart shows people are willing to spend money to buy a Marina product, she just didn’t deliver the right kind of product to make more of an impact.
  5. If we want to have the conversation she’s been on a continuous commercial decline even since Electra Heart when Primadonna never got to the Top 10, the album became the lowest selling ever to hit number 1 at the time.
  6. It’s still a very good album and return to form !
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  7. How is this the mark of a commercial decline when Primadonna is her highest-peaking single?
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  8. If she can still tour theaters in the US I’m sure her and her team are happy.
  9. The major problem was not ship the vinyls in debut week and just not put CDs out at least on UK.
  10. I wonder if vinyl production and demand will ever stabilize and meet halfway. The current situation is just insane, but I feel like nobody wants to go ahead and invest in making a new pressing plant in case it goes out of fashion again (which I really don't think will happen).
  11. Her team not placing their order with the vinyl plant 6+ months ago is a huge oversight
  12. Having let this sink in for a week, it’s my least favourite album of hers.
    There are no stand out tracks to me, nothing that keeps me coming back.

    As a whole listen it’s just a bit disjointed. Her uptempo tracks here are very in your face, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s so jarring going from Purge the Poison to Highly Emotional People.

    Still, she sounds as good as ever so that’s something!
  13. I agree the order is really strange - I've been listening to it on shuffle which really helps show the individual songs
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  14. This is what it boils down. Both Froot and Love + Fear bombed out charts just as quick as this will. The only difference is they weren't smart enough to get a vinyl ready on time which would've secured a top 10 placement like its predecessors.

    I'm sure her fanbase probably has shrunk a little but it's hardly like she was shifting a truckload of records to begin with. Her tour will sell out and she'll continue on as always.
  15. Jeeze, I've just caught up and seen the chart placement. Not great, but seems that there were a lot of factors at play here... Knowing this is her first album to not go top 10 must be disappointing for her personally (even though she would never admit it).
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  16. Yikes, I think Love + Fear went top 30.
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  17. Ouch.
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  18. The label fucked up so bad.
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  19. Chromatica went from being out of the charts to #36 with just 11,000 vinyl sales. Pretty sure if the LP was available or if there was a ticket bundle this would've been way way higher like everyone keeps saying.
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