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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Just thinking about how if we were to poll Marina fans on their favourite album, Family Jewels, Electra Heart and FROOT would probably be an even one-third each (with some exceptions obviously, don't @ me). I'm baffled that Electra Heart could be somebody's favourite, somebody else would be baffled that FROOT is mine. It shows just how strong those first three albums were.
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  2. I think I've been way too harsh on her lately. I've found myself absolutely bopping my life to Ancient Dreams (the song), I've accepted Purge The Poison as the weirdest song I keep on playing and rest of the album is on a spectrum from cringe but good to great. She's serving camp covers and videos and I honestly should just sit back and enjoy my problems time with her.
  3. Definitely in my top 5 albums of the year so far.
  4. I have come to the conclusion that the song Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is actually very good. Something about the delivery of the chorus has really grown on me.
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  5. Hmm.... There has definitely been a growing discontent for me regarding Marina's output (partly due to the overall tone in her threads and also because, like, the criticism is accurate).

    I never had an issue with so many songs in a single album sounding like something she could have/must have done before in terms of melody. The worst thing about it being that usually it was songs that were otherwise the most "different" and "new" for her, but they reverted to her most derivative output only for the chorus for example (New America).

    Then there's the clunky lyrics, on one hand with the *three year old who says "pennis" and runs away giggling* kind of wittiness and on the other with all those lines that sound so forced to fit a melody (or a struggle to build a melody around those awkward wordy lines, don't know which one it may be).

    And finally there's songs that do sound great but for the first time in her discography I felt they overstayed their welcome.

    After a first listen (not really paying attention to the lyrcis), the only tracks that are not particularly guilty of any of the above (and they only ones I'm even remotely interested in going back to at the moment) are
    Venus Fly Trap, Man's World, Pandora's Box, Flowers, and Goodbye, with Venus Fly Trap and Goodbye being the highlights.

    I wonder if a mash-up/megamix sort of situation between Ancient Dreams and Purge The Poison which only kept very few bits of each song and almost no repetition would have actually been a highlight too? No idea how they'd fit musically, but they have a similar military march/space alt rock/'Muse at their typical worst' vibe and as standalone tracks they have different flaws I don't care to have to deal with separately. (Regardless, Ancient Dreams is pretty good, and definitely better than the horrible Purge The Poison so not sure bringing this up is fair to the former.)

    On the other hand, I am glad to see she really tried to explore more sonically after how terminally flavorless the production was last time. At least you cannot accuse her of not caring for her craft or her progression (even if it comes with her doubling down on the aspects that we hate about her output).
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  6. I think this is the review Marina thinks about when she talks on Electra Heart getting a very negative response, and literally line after line is sexist trash void of any thought into the record or what influenced her as a writer and how she approached the record. I feel like Electra Heart was one of her most thoughtful records and the whole concept of exploring different female archetypes was amazing. The art and cultural references she inserted here and there whilst stitching together a loose audio visual experience deserves nothing but a chef's kiss.
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  7. This album has grown on me with each listen, but there are definitely a couple of meh tracks. However, tracks like 'Flowers', 'Goodbye' and the title track prove she is still a real talent.

    'New America' for instance is appalling but I love the "fucked with the food chain, fucked with the farming tools" verse.
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  8. [​IMG]

    "Venus Fly Trap (Blossom Remix)" out tomorrow.
  9. “Venus Fly Trap” has managed to become one of my favorite Marina songs in a long time. I haven’t genuinely thrown a song of hers on incessant repeat since the Froot era. It’s so fun and it has genuine personality.

    Also, on the flipside, I think “Goodbye” is gorgeous and affecting in all its Imogen Heap glory.

    Nawt me being a little Diamond again (for those two songs, the title track, and “Purge the Poison,” that is. The other songs from this album can kinda choke, ddd.)
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  10. Just watched her interview with Nick Levine and I was surprised at how little she discussed the album but I did laugh hearing that she stopped listening to the fan response to her music after FROOT.
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  11. Goodbye, Flowers, and the title track are still are very enjoyable but this album is dusty. To me, reproducing your old sound and old melodies is not course correction. She needs a) a new sound; and b) more carefully thought out lyrics. Whatever she's doing to keep sounding incredibly vocally she needs to keep doing though. Her voice is so smooth on this album. I thought people were being a bit too nice by saying her Love + Fear vocals were the best she's ever sounded because she sounded bored on most of those songs. But she does sound quite invested here. You can tell that a return to her familiar soundscape re-energized but a dusty soundscape remains dusty no matter how excited the artist is about it.

    In other news, I used Froot on an Instastory last night and it's still that bitch. Lyrical and musical complexity? Check? Sonic freshness? Check? Varied and beautiful melodies? Check? A gimmick that has mileage and longevity? Check? It's easily one of her best songs.
  12. Interesting remix! Not as good as the original, but a rather different vibe.
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  13. So she’s gone back to her debut sound, which is what everyone was demanding after the last album, and now that’s considered ‘dusty’? (Whatever that means). I fear with expectations like yours she’s bound to lose no matter what direction she goes in.

    This album has really opened up after repeated listens and I think it’s a great return to form. The production is lush and it s a soundscape she excels in.
  14. Her lil shout out to her “weird songs” has me convinced I’ll never get the big Kate Bush vocal acrobatic and lyrical freedom I dreamed of when listening to the debut which I suppose I’ve always known.
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  15. After leaving the top 100 last week in the U.K. , the album is back at no 65 this week, and I can’t work out why. There haven’t been any price reductions or new formats released as far as I’m aware.
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  16. Title track needs remixes.
  17. Electra Heart is her best album.
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  18. [​IMG]

    You're right and you should say it!
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