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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. I guess those CD+zine bundles that weren't ready on release week must've finally been shipped.
  2. The album is back to no 39 in the midweeks so I guess they’ve sent out some more. It’s a bit frustrating as the album would definitely have gone top 10 if they were all sent out in the same week - maybe even top 5 if the vinyl wasn’t delayed.
  3. Maybe No 1 with signed CDs and a radio hit.
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  4. Yep. they have. I finally got mine and heard the album about two weeks after everyone else. I'm enjoying it though. Waaaay better than Love and Fear obvs.
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  5. I'm glad they aren't done pushing Venus Fly Trap, its her best song in years.

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  6. I wouldn't go that far when the title track, Purge and Goodbye exist, but it's good and I hope this remix fleshes it out to 3 mins+. Tove makes everything gold.
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  7. The Venus Fly Trap remix sounds promising, but it's a bit of a shame Ancient Dreams was the only single not to get a remix, it's my favourite of the four.
  8. It’s because it’s the best one and doesn’t need it naur its trew its trew
  9. RMK


    Flowers should be getting more love, it really has a great premise that people can relate to.
  10. me vs. obsessively playing “Venus Fly Trap”

    Not many other songs from Ancient Dreams have that. ❤️
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  11. The whole album deserves more love really, but it following Love + Fear, plus the two most lyrically messy songs being released as the first and second singles really didn't help matters. If the singles had been Ancient Dreams, Venus Fly Trap and then one of the ballads, I'm sure it would have been received better.
  12. Marina and Tove! Can’t wait for this.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Tove is already too good for this hhh but let's see x
  14. Is this out. I just listened to something claiming to be it but I heard no Tove at all.
  15. It is. Seems Tove adds a new verse.
  16. I listened to some fake remix. I will wait till Apple Music adds it at midnight.
  17. The only problem with the remix is that it's too short.
  18. Well I appreciate it reconstructs the whole song and Tove sounds good, but this is way too short. The first part (before Tove comes in) is cut down very abruptly.

    Anyway, it's much better than the Purge The Poison remix so yay!
  19. RMK


    I like Tove's part, but wish she was just added to the original.
  20. It's giving me "second act of a Sonic the Hedgehog zone" energy.
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