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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Yeah and I think Youtube is the easiest platform to edit titles - you can do it yourself, the rest (Spotify etc) you need to request the change and wait.
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  3. I really don't think that applies here given a handful of Marina songs like Hermit The Frog and Bubblegum Bitch have gone viral over the last couple of years without her actually doing anything about it.
  4. Yeah she refused to film a video for Bubblegum Bitch even though it is now her most streamed song, I don’t think she’s particularly desperate for viral support for 10 year old songs.
  5. She should have filmed a video for the song when she first released that album, really.
  6. I still haven't accepted/processed that they edited the title of It's Gonna Be Me to include "(It's Gonna Be May)".

    I do think it's a scream that Bubblegum Bitch has come for Primadonna's throat in terms of longevity when it wasn't even released at the time.
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  7. But when is Teen Idle having its Gen Z renaissance moment?
  8. Oh No deserves so.
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  9. I know ya'll are probably traumatised from her constantly being dragged but, it was a light hearted comment.
  10. Always knew Bubblegum Bitch would win in the end. Clash Music can CHOKE.

    I wonder if there will be something else for the album campaign later this year/early 2022 to help with the Tour. She usually does one last single later in the process like Lies/Blue/Karma. I’d love if she went for Highly Emotional People since there were no ballads on the pre-release for this one and they’re mainly gorgeous.
  11. I Love You But I Love Me More has the best streams despite its late tracklist placement so maybe she'll push that? It just became the first album track to hit 2m yesterday.

  12. When talking about Love & Fear: "A part of my fanbase loved it, and part were just like this is not Marina, we want her raw crazy side."

    Just say they thought it was shit, luv.
  13. That was cute. I think she's much more comfortable singing in her upper register these days which is probably why we haven't heard many deeper vocals since Froot.
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  14. But we need the TikTokers to stream Froot, I'm a Ruin and Blue.
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  15. It might be a bit tacky but honestly it's a great move using her viral songs to help promote her more recent material. Poor Ancient Dreams being the only new single not in that playlist though, done wrong yet again.
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  16. Yeah, it's the best song on the album.
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  17. Tried listening to Hermit The Frog again after learning it’s a Tik Tok thing. It remains a no from me!
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The way her style this era has been quite exciting but every single artwork has failed to translate it effectively....
  19. The artwork for Ancient Dreams (the single) looks like an ad for chewing gum.
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