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Marina - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. So she’s saying to not buy the emerald vinyl releases in fn’ February 2022?
  2. This popped into my head again today. Why is this so funny.
  3. The instrumental of Pink Convertible leaking before the song? I hate gays.
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  4. I had a big moment to New America today. The instrumental intro is such a moment. Great production.

    I also love the instrumental explosion after the middle 8 of Highly Emotional People. I like that these songs have moments to breathe without vocal melodies. She should stick with the two producers from this record going forward.
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  5. I appreciate this album a lot because of its maximalist production and Marina going %120 on the vocal booth.
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  6. Agreed! Her embrace of the quirkiness factor again plus the ending duo of songs has my faith greatly restored.
  7. This remix transforms the song for me. The production on the original doesn't pop off like it needs to, but this goes all the way there.
  8. Remixes have been the saving grace of this era. The MUNA remix of Man's World is one of my most played tracks this year, I imagine it will be in my top 5 most played in Spotify Wrapped this year.
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  9. I caved and listened to the instrumental leak. Sounds great!
  10. I can’t find the post (may have been a story), but she wrote somewhere that she’s working on a deluxe edition. I’d assume that both Pink Convertible and Happy Loner would be on it.
  11. She performed Purge at some fashion show in a fetching shade of lurid orange

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  12. The absolute audacity she has of performing at a fashion show and then posting a clip that includes the line “when size 0 was the rage”. Get that coin but still throw some shade, Queen.
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  13. She performed a medley of songs live for the show as the models walked - audience included Lil Kim, Kristen Chenoweth, Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes, Busy Philipps, Kim Petras, Slayyyter, Aquaria, and Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset, LOL. Very gay!!
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  14. Bubblegum Bitch is now Silver in the UK.
  15. I feel like Electra Heart can't be too far from reaching Platinum, surely? The Family Jewels must also be a decent trickle seller, especially the last 12 months.
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  16. Has anyone returned to this album in, say, the last month?
  17. RMK


    I was honestly thinking the same thing. I liked the album, but… It feels like something I’ve already forgetten.
  18. Haven't returned to it since the day of release...
  19. She says she's already writing the next album.
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