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Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. This remix transforms the song for me. The production on the original doesn't pop off like it needs to, but this goes all the way there.
  2. Remixes have been the saving grace of this era. The MUNA remix of Man's World is one of my most played tracks this year, I imagine it will be in my top 5 most played in Spotify Wrapped this year.
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  3. I caved and listened to the instrumental leak. Sounds great!
  4. I can’t find the post (may have been a story), but she wrote somewhere that she’s working on a deluxe edition. I’d assume that both Pink Convertible and Happy Loner would be on it.
  5. She performed Purge at some fashion show in a fetching shade of lurid orange

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  6. The absolute audacity she has of performing at a fashion show and then posting a clip that includes the line “when size 0 was the rage”. Get that coin but still throw some shade, Queen.
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  7. She performed a medley of songs live for the show as the models walked - audience included Lil Kim, Kristen Chenoweth, Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes, Busy Philipps, Kim Petras, Slayyyter, Aquaria, and Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset, LOL. Very gay!!
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  8. Bubblegum Bitch is now Silver in the UK.
  9. I feel like Electra Heart can't be too far from reaching Platinum, surely? The Family Jewels must also be a decent trickle seller, especially the last 12 months.
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  10. Has anyone returned to this album in, say, the last month?
  11. RMK


    I was honestly thinking the same thing. I liked the album, but… It feels like something I’ve already forgetten.
  12. Haven't returned to it since the day of release...
  13. She says she's already writing the next album.
  14. Yeah this album is a strange one for me - it took me a while to get around to listening to it, and I enjoyed it once I did. In terms of production (and to a lesser extent, lyrics) I would say it's a step up from Love + Fear...and yet I haven't really felt an urge to go back to it since, which makes me sad. I want to stan within an inch of my life again.
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  15. I listened to it today. It’s a solid album.
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  16. I still listen to this quite a bit but I understand why people have moved on. Without any new videos, interviews, singles etc it’s easy to forget that it was even released. She confirmed on Insta that a deluxe is coming though.
  17. The amount of pre-release singles also puts a damper on full album listens to me. I already got my life to the best songs as they were released, and the album tracks (well, ballads) don’t really resonate with me.
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  18. I actually think this is my favourite album of hers, it’s only grown on me since it was released.
  19. I only regret forgetting about this album when I reach the closing back to back knockouts of Flowers and Goodbye. I dream the next album picks up where they leave off with the moxie of the title track
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  20. I liked this album for a few listens but I honestly haven’t felt compelled to return to it.
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