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Marina And The Assorted Okay Songs - Love + Fear

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Only the chorus is good, the rest is pretty shit.
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  2. There's Nothing Wrong With You is as boring and lyrically trite as most of Love and Fear.

    I quite like The Art of Letting Go but it would still fall in the bottom quarter of any of her other albums.
  3. I mean, the production could be improved, but I feel like the lyrics have a little bit of the old Marina charm that was missing from a lot of the songs on Love + Fear. Simple but effective rather than simple but cringeworthy and/or condescending.
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  4. I like the production too, compared to the album. It is more propulsive.

    If It's Worth It is the best thing this era. I hope she only held it back because it shows much more significant progression than everything else.
  5. Y’all keep pushing this “OMG this so much better than what’s on the album” just because... they aren’t on the album. It’s like reverse demoitis or something. If these leaked songs were on the album and songs that are on the album were left unreleased but leaked y’all would be saying the same thing.
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  6. ...Y’all hear sumn?
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  7. Marina and the let's just get over this era already and hope for something better the next go around
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  8. If It's Worth It does everything the album doesn't do for me so I'd love to see how the same would work if I was listening to Orange Trees in its place. But we'll never see such a fictional scenario play out since it doesn't apply to reality. Much like demoitis.

    That being said, I would concede that we are definitely trying to latch onto anything even remotely interesting after the impression that the album left as a whole, and that we would be doing the same even with songs that are actually on it. But that doesn't excuse equating our preference with desperation.

    Clearly, we don't like or appreciate all songs equally, which is why some like certain songs on the album more than others, or we like some demos more than the final versions, and some unreleased songs more than certain released ones. Like, what's so hard to grasp about that.

    Let people like what they like without coming up with some crap like demoitis about why they think they like something but we know better that they really don't.
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  9. Or... maybe they actually just prefer the songs that didn't make the album?
  10. I feel like I could upload one of the album tracks in a lower quality and tell some of y’all it’s a new demo and you’d tell me it’s better than the album.
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  11. I've found that the majority of demos that people claim are better than the album sound like filler. This is definitely the case for these Marina demoes.
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  12. 2014

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    This thread title remaining unchanged while the Kacey thread title got edited - ha!
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  13. I still stand by my opinions on the demos of "You," "Karma," and "Please Don't Call Me." None of you hussies can change my mind. xoxo
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  14. The album is nowhere near compelling enough to seek demos.
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  15. and yet they keep coming!

    But in all seriousness, You ~demo version~ is clearly superior to whatever neutered attempt of a song she unleashed on us.

    The rest? Meh.
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  16. I don’t fuck with the demos this era but I haven’t fucked that much with the album itself in the first place.
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  17. A demo of Radioactive has leaked in low quality. The production is different, as are the vocals and lyrical structure. It's similar to how the Living Dead demo compares to the final version.
  18. Better than anything on Love & Fear teebs.
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    Or for repeat listens!! X
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  20. It needs a bit more work, but this is definitely a more interesting version of You. It's weird and kinda distorted, which is what this album needed more of.
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